How to take care of a pet’s wounds

How to take care of a pet’s wounds

How to take care of a pet’s wounds


Being their active selves, pets, especially small ones, can get injured quite easily. While it’s always best to take your pet (especially pups and kittens) to the doctor, minor wounds can be treated at home with minimal care and some dog and cat medicines. This is your all you need guide on how to treat dog wounds as well as cat wounds. 

Some of the most common injuries that can happen to your pet dog and cat are sprains, cuts, burns, bites from other dogs or cats, falls from a height, infected wounds and degloving wounds. Most of these injuries are curable at home using some basic first aid.  First, you must stop the bleeding on the wound using a clean cloth and light pressure. The next step is to clean the wound so that it doesn’t get infected. Use a spray bottle with water to do the same. Disinfect the wounds using a mild cleanser. Do not use rubbing alcohol. Now cover the wound with a bandage. Keep changing the bandage every 24 hours or so and constantly monitor the injury for signs of healing. If there is extra bleeding, any kind of discharge, or swelling, immediately go to the vet. 

While this process may seem long, it is imperative that you do all steps in order to ensure good healing. A simpler way is to use Topicure Pet Wound Healing Spray meant specifically to be used on minor injuries. It’s a natural pet product meant for home use, easy to use and extremely effective. Just spray this on the injured part twice daily for at least 3 days to see immediate effect. Given that it’s scare-free and lick safe, you can use it on your pets without worry. Topicure is also made with completely natural products and extractions from herbs, and is irritant free, making it the perfect go to in case your pet gets injured. To know more about how you can use it, click here. 

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  • This is a fantastic guide for pet owners on how to care for their pet’s wounds. The step-by-step instructions on stopping bleeding, cleaning, and bandaging are clear and practical. For added care, using K-Tape from Hampton Adams for sprains, cuts, and bites is highly recommended. It’s an excellent product that can aid in the healing process and provide support for injured areas. Thanks for such a detailed and helpful article!

    Hampton Adams on

  • Hi! My cousin has a Labrador and last week it hit a rock while running around the backyard. Luckily, it only sustained a small wound on its leg. So thank you so much for telling us that replacing the bandage daily can speed up the recovery process as well. I’ll share this tip with him so it can be well taken care of later.

    Amy Saunders on

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