ORTHORON TABLET (Pack of 2)-For Dog & Cat

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ORTHORON PASTE (Pack of 2)-For Dog & Cat

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ORTHORON PASTE (Pack of 3)-For Dog & Cat

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ORTHORON PASTE (Pack of 4)-For Dog & Cat

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ORTHORON PASTE (Pack of 5)-For Dog & Cat

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NATGUT (Pack of 2) Supplement For Dog & Cat

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NATLIFE (Pack of 2) Supplement For Dog & Cat

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Buy Dog and cat supplements

As humans, we often need supplements to cover what our bodies can't naturally produce. There's no reason our pets should be different. This is why we also have a line of dog and cat supplements that are completely natural and safe to be consumed by your pet. As with our other products, we offer them as singles and as combos. We have also designed supplements for specific requirements like immunity and joint health. Give these a look here.

Our Orthoron tablets are meant to build joint strength and provide relief from joint pain over a long period. This is a unique single-ingredient supplement and comes in a tablet form, to make the feeding easy. Some signs of increasing joint health after consumption of this supplement include ease in walking and improvement in climbing and getting up, especially in breeds that are predisposed to developing joint problems. Results should be visible after 15 days of continuous consumption. To buy this cat and dog supplement, click here. Similar to this product, we also have the Orthoron paste, which is clinically tested and water-soluble, and consists of turmeric. To buy this pet supplement, click here. We offer both these products in combos also.

We also have Natgut, a supplement meant to improve the digestive health of your pets. It is a tablet that is very palatable and improves the overall gut health of the pet and can even be used to cure diarrhea when used over a longer period. Bad odor from stool can be indicative of serious problems and also purely annoying. This supplement helps with that as well. To buy this dog and cat supplement or know more about it, visit here.

A dull pet means a worried pet-parent and a dull house. To restore energy in dull and sick pets, use our Natlife supplement. It comes in paste forms and parent-friendly packaging. It stimulates the pets and can be used on immune-compromised pets, especially young dogs and cats that heal quickly. Natlife is completely safe for long-term use and can thus be used for maintaining the pets that get sick often. To know more or buy this cat and dog supplement, visit here.

Accompanying all our products, you can also check what they contain, how they are to be used, and what situations they are suitable for on the website as well as the package. We also have instructional videos on our website. Pet Natural Remedies is one of India's