Diwali Precautions for Your Pets


 The festival of lights is just round the corner and while it is an enjoyable time for kids and parents, the same may not be true for your pet. It can actually be a stressful time for your pet dog and cat because of the increase in noise and air pollution as well as the flickering lights. Stray dogs are generally the worst affected during this season and the noise from the crackers can leave them shaking from fear. To protect your pets this Diwali season, follow some common tips so that it’s a good day for both you and your pet:

  • Keep your pet indoors in a familiar room, preferably a little away from the street. Because of their sensitivity to sound, dogs can scurry and run scared to a familiar place. For the same reason, don’t keep your dog on leash as it can cause injury. You can even make a dark corner for them to feel safe. Close all door and windows and draw the curtains to reduce penetration of sound and light.
  • Walk and feed the dog before celebrations begin and make sure you keep a bowl of water and some healthy dog treats nearby if you’re going to stay out late. Don’t walk your dog anywhere near firecrackers.
  • If your pet is particularly sensitive to sound and light or is allergic to the smoke from firecrackers, consult your vet before the day in order to take the necessary precautions. 
  • Rangoli colors can make the pets excited and want to smell and taste them. Keep them away, as the colors can be toxic. 
  • Don’t burst crackers near a shelter or zoo as the animals can get distressed because of the sound. 
  • If you have guests coming over, don’t ignore your pet or lock it up in a room. This can cause further anxiety to it.
  • If there are a lot of stray dogs in your area, contact an animal NGO in advance so that they can take the necessary action for their safety.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing a name and identification tag, even if they are indoors. 
  • Keep a first aid kid nearby. You can use our Topicure spray on all kinds of cuts and wounds. It’s an all natural pet product and can be bought on our site. (Add link)

Keeping animal welfare in mind, try to avoid bursting crackers or minimize it. Take basic precautions and you and your pet will have an amazing time this Diwali!

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