Fun Games to Play with Your Cat

Fun Games to Play with Your Cat

Fun Games to Play with Your Cat

While dogs may seem more outdoorsy and playful than cats in general, felines love indoor games and can’t play alone because of their highly evolved drive to pursue prey. This means that they love playing with their parents and playing with a cat can actually be a fun exercise. Here we have listed down a few fungames that you can play with your cat everyday:

Fetch: Yes, we know this is what dogs commonly play. But this is also a game for cats to play and actually enjoy. Just make sure it’s a small toy that they can fetch in their mouth and that you throw it all across the room. To reinforce this game, reward your cat with a treat. You can also put a bell on the toy or the ball to make it more interesting.

Crumpled Paper: This is a very simple game to play with your cat. Just crumple a piece of paper that your cat can roll across the floor. They love rolling balls all over and they love the sound that a ball of crumpled paper makes. But you might get a cleaning task if you don’t take it away soon as the cat will probably shred it.

Paper Bag: Once again, this is a straightforward petting game for cats to play. Cats love getting inside closed spaces and a paper bag is perfect for that. Put a little cat food inside the bag and when your cat is inside the bag, you can scratch and poke it from outside and watch your cat having fun.

Bouncing Lights:Cat play doesn’t get any more fun than this. This is a game that you can play with your cat when you’re particularly bored. As propagated by popular media, cats love chasing around light reflections. Try catching the reflection on a surface like that of watch and bounce it around. Just sit back and watch your cat playing this fun game, trying to catch the light. But also make sure you switch to something like a ball or reward it with cat food in the end so that your feline doesn’t get frustrated.

Feather and String: Just attach a string with something moderately weighted and voila, there’s a game to play with your cat. Wave it above your cat and watch it trying to catch it by jumping and going from surface to surface. This is a fun game to play when you pull the wand slowly away from your cat and watch it pounce and get under furniture to catch it.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas on how to have a great time with your cat. These are all games to play with your cat when you want a 10 min break or when your cat is in a funny mood.

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