Dog Park Etiquettes

Dog Park Etiquettes

Dog Park Etiquettes

Taking your pet dog to a dog park is actually an excellent way of getting it used to socialization, strangers and performing dog behavioral training. They not only meet other dogs and their parents, but they learn new behaviors, get lots of exercise and most of all, have fun. However, there’s nothing that ruins a visit like a rogue dog or a parent who does not know or follow dog etiquette in a park. This is why we have listed down some rules for dog parks that will make your visit fruitful:

Keep your dog on leash while entering and exiting: Since a dog park is a high excitement area, your dog is likely to run off and explore. However, this may not be pleasant for dogs present or indeed all parents. Make sure you keep your dog on leash while entering and exiting the park in order to avoid unnecessary chaos. Also, call your dog away if someone is leaving or entering from the gate. This can be practiced while training your dog

Know what kind of park you are entering: There are certain parks that are solely for dogs and so you can keep your dog off leash there. However, if you’re entering a general public park/garden, make sure you keep your dog on a leash there.

Removing metal collars: If your dog wears a metal or spiked collar, remove it before entering the park as it can hurt other dogs while playing. However, do get another dog park leash to replace it with so that you can keep a track of your pet dog.

Be alert: This is the sacrosanct rule of all dog parks. Always be alert and keep an eye on your dog, especially in an off-leash dog park. If you see trouble brewing, immediately call your dog away. While training your dog, teach him/her basic commands which can come in handy in this situation.

Clean up: We may not be used to doing this in India, but in a place where all dogs come, it is wise to pick up after your pet dog, if only in the name of dog etiquette.

Bring only vaccinated dogs: Don’t bring dogs that aren’t neutered or if you do, keep a close watch. Similarly, don’t bring puppies to the park as they aren’t fully vaccinated. Puppy dog parks are rare but if you find one, keep your visit short. It is also advised to get a loose and non-irritant puppy leash so you can keep an eye on your pet.

Don’t bring food or feed other dogs: Basic dog etiquette dictates that this is very important as dogs can get aggressive at the sight of food and not all pet parents are comfortable with others feeding their dogs.

Limit the dog training: While this is a good place to test your dog training, try to limit the actual training to your home.

All these are general guidelines for when visiting a dog park, be it an off-leash dog park or on-leash dog park. The bottom line is, always be considerate and polite. And remember, have fun!

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