Halloween Costumes for Your Pets

Halloween Costumes for Your Pets

Halloween Costumes for Your Pets

Halloween is probably the most Instagrammable time of the year for your pet. There is no end to the cute, terrifying, ridiculous costume that you can dress up your pet in and as a pet parent, you’d like to put as much effort in your pet’s costume as you would in yours. Ever wondered what your dog would like as scooby doo or your cat as garfield? Now is the time to find out. 

A few tips before you buy or order a costume- make sure you measure your pet, especially around the neck and belly area. Also, if your pet shows the slightest irritation or discomfort while or after wearing the costume, remove it immediately. Don’t dress them in heavy objects or objects that dangle as they can get injured. Following are some costumes that are sure to get wows from your friends and family:

A Harry Potter pet dog       



(Source: Pinterest)

Harry Potter is every child’s dream. Surprise your kid this Halloween by dressing him/her up and your pet dog in matching costumes.

A tiny hat for a tiny pet

(Source: https://www.insider.com/pet-halloween-costumes#a-pirates-hat-for-pint-sized-looting-and-pillaging-11)

This hamster is perfect for a ‘high seas’ party and will be the show stopper anywhere.

Supergirl dog costume

(Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/halloween-ideas/g1784/popular-pet-halloween-costumes/?slide=17)

Make your pet a superhero with this supergirl costume, perfect for pets who get irritated with full t-shirts and other accessories.

These are only a few top ideas to make your pet Halloween perfect. You can dress them up as per theme, twin with them, dress them in multiple costumes through the night and parade them in the street to show them off. 

While picking the costume, do think of a few things like if the material is an irritant. Avoid head pieces, leggings or tight-fitting costumes as your pet might get irritated. Also avoid eye accessories. At the end of the night, you can reward your pet with a healthy treat.

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