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Top Pet Comics

When two of the best things, comic books and pets, are combined, what comes out is a memorable childhood, and us dreaming about owning a pet exactly like that. While our pet dreams may not have come true, this piece will definitely remind you of some of the most memorable (for their own reasons of course) pet comic characters from your childhood and even adulthood.

Garfield the Cat: This wonderfully cynical orange tabby is everyone’s favorite, with his hate for Mondays and the smallest form of exercise. His apparent superiority over his owner makes everyone laugh, what with him thinking that Jon is an idiot and everything he does to make Garfield active is in vain. Even today, reading a Garfield strip in a newspaper is sure to make you laugh out loud and shake your head.

Felix the Cat: One of the most recognizable comic characters for kids, Felix the Cat has been adapted into movies, been remade into a more modern version, and even has a Levi’s line. The cat, with its black body, wide grin and creative problem solving brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Scooby Doo:Who doesn’t remember Scooby Doo cartoons and this great big dog with flapping ears and boundless enthusiasm? Shaggy Roger’s constant companion everywhere, Scooby Doo is almost human with his ability to use his paws as hands and opposable thumbs. And even when Mystery Incorporated is not looking for trouble, they just happen to stumble upon something where Scooby either gets them in trouble or out of it. 

Snoopy: Perpetually happy and imaginative, Snoopy dog reminding us to make the best of any situation. Recognizable by his white body and black nose, Snoopy’s dance annoys Lucy to the extent of sarcasm. Just like Garfield, Snoopy comics will either make you laugh hard or smile wide, two of the most important things in life.

Snowy the Tintin Dog: This list seems to be full of dogs and cats. Another white dog, Snowy is sharp just like his owner and accompanies him on all adventures, dangerous or otherwise. He can be seen running right beside Tintin in all comics, movies and shows, talking to him, retorting with witty comments and saving Tintin multiple times.

If nothing else, we hope reading this was reminiscent of simpler times and knowing that even if you can’t go back to them, these characters can come to you.

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