Dealing with joint pain in pets

Dog dealing with joint pain

Pets’ joints, especially those of dogs, can take a serious pounding with all the running and jumping that they do. Just because your pet isn’t yelping or crying doesn’t mean that its joints are perfectly healthy or that the pet is not in pain. Some more obvious signs can be limping but joint pains manifest in subtler forms like a general slowdown in walking speed or a hesitancy in running. If you notice any of these signs, you must immediately take your pet for a check up. 

Joint pain can be either developmental or degenerative. The former is when the joints haven’t developed properly and the other happens due to ageing and other injuries. Some common signs that your pet is in pain is irritability, slowness in getting up or sitting down, longer sleeping hours, taking no enjoyment in games, muscle loss, yelping when touched etc. However, science has advanced enough that your pet, especially cats and dogs, don’t have to suffer in pain chronically. 

Our Orthoron paste is a unique pet supplement made with all natural ingredients, specifically meant for good joint health. It provides effective relief from joint pain and when used over a period of time, leads to reduction in such pain and healing of the same. Orthoron comes in both paste and tablet form, both pet and pet parent friendly, with clinically proven results. It controls cartilage damage and enhances joint movement, making your pet active again. The dosage instructions are given on our website and packaging as well. One can get visible results in 15 days. A unique feature of this product is that it promotes joint health in pre-disposed breeds. It provides relief from limping and stiffness that can be observed with an improvement in walking, climbing and other heavy movement. 

You can order this product sitting at your home. We also have cash on delivery available along with free shipping on all orders above Rs 250. Visit our website to know more or buy this supplement. 

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