Dog itching under leg and on neck

How to manage an itchy pet?

How to manage an itchy pet?

Dog itching himself

Do you have a pet who’s constantly scratching? An itchy pet can be irritable and diagnosing the underlying cause can be quite challenging, even for a trained vet. Itchiness can happen due to multiple reasons including a skin infection, ticks, fever, weather change, food allergy, or environmental allergies. Whatever the cause, your pet can suffer quite a lot due to this itchiness and can even develop wounds. So, it’s best to heal this or at least get the itching under control as soon as possible. 

Our Reliflam Spray has been designed specifically to provide relief from itchiness and redness in cats and dogs. It provides instant relief from itchiness to your pet. Packaged as a spray, it is completely lick safe and scare-free as it makes no hissing sound or produce gas on being used. This spray cures all rashes and visibly reduces any redness that might have happened due to constant itching. It is also suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats and is both pet and pet parent friendly. At Pet Natural Remedies, we believe in nature’s power to cure all diseases and so, all ingredients of this product have been extracted from herbs. The key ingredients include eucalyptus oil, peppermint satva powder, mentha pepperita leaf oil and tankanamla powder. Some indications that you might need this spray include cuts and tears that your pet keeps itching, infected wounds and simple wounds, bite wounds, degloving wounds, acral lick granuloma etc. These can lead to several more severe diseases that can be prevented using Reliflam. Such diseases may include but are not limited to allergic skin diseases, hot spots, acral lick dermatitis, and other inflammatory skin diseases. 

Along with this spray, that you can order from the comfort of your home, you will also find an instructional video on our website that details how it is to be used. This is in addition to the instructions given on the packaging. We also have cash on delivery and free shipping on all orders above Rs 250. Visit our website to shop for this and other natural pet products.

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