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Supplements to Build Joint Strength

Unique single-ingredient supplement for effective relief from Joint pain. It is composed of a unique formula that makes it safe to use over a long duration and effectively heals any kind of Joint pains. Orthoron comes in a palatable paste and Palatable Tablet form which is designed to make it easy for the pet parents to feed the pets.

Features and Benefits
All Natural and safe
Clinically Proven Results
Enhances Joint Improvement
Visible Results in 15 days
Relief from Limping and Stiffness
Improvement in Walking, Climbing and Getting up with ease
Controls Cartilage Damage
Promotes Joint Health in Predisposed Breeds
Pet & Pet Parent Friendly
For Dogs, Cats and Pups of all Breeds

It is the First Clinically Tested Waster Soluble Composition Dervied from Turmuric



Weight in KG Usage
Every 24 hrs
<15 3 ml
15-30 6 ml
31-45 9 ml
>45 12 ml


Weight in KG Usage
Every 24 hrs
<5 2 ml
>5 4 ml
More Info

The Orthoron Tablet is the same as the Orthoron paste, except it comes in tablet form. All the running around and playing does mean better health for your dog, but it can result in arthritis in dogs at an older age. This cat and dog medicine control cartilage damage enhances joint movement and gives relief from limping and stiffness. These results are visible as improvements in walking, climbing, and getting up. Your pets will not wince any longer because of sudden movements and will have better joint health in breeds pre-disposed. Moreover, like all our products, Orthoron is also completely natural and safe to use. It is pet and parent-friendly and comes in tablet form with 28 tablets in one box. This dog supplement contains turmacin, which is the first clinically tested and water-soluble composition derived from turmeric (which has been used in Ayurveda to treat joint pain). This makes Orthoron tablets a unique, first-of-its-kind single-ingredient product. It is also safe to use over a long time and gives visible results in just 15 days of use. It is safe to use for all breeds of dogs, cats and pups, although the dosage may differ. Our customers have given the product amazing reviews, calling it very effective on pets that are lazy or suffering from arthritis, acting almost like a cat and dog pain killer. They have also recommended its use on younger pets for strengthening joint health. Both, the tablet and the paste are highly palatable, making them easy to feed for the pet parent. Orthoron tablets can be used as cat and dog medicine, for dog arthritis treatment or as a regular pet supplement.

You can learn more about the Orthoron Paste, read reviews or purchase the product on our website. At Pet Natural, we recognize how important your pet is to you and thus, we have decades of research behind any product that we offer. We make sure that it is natural and safe for your pet and you. Our pet products are chemical-free, non-irritant and highly palatable. From pet supplements to shampoos, all products, including chew sticks for dogs, dog supplements, cat and dog medicines and others have been clinically tested and proven to be safe for pets and pet parents. All products contain instructions for usage and dosage on their packaging and the same is available on our website as well. You can order these products from the comfort of your home and get them delivered to your doorstep with free shipping on orders over Rs 250. Visit our website here or connect with us on our social media pages to know more about us.

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