Kids and Pets: How they take care of each other

Kids and Pets: How they take care of each other

Research and popular opinion have shown time and again that having a pet around kids since their infancy is highly beneficial. As per research, kids who have grown up around pets end up having better immunity and hence, falling sick less frequently. While this may be a hard scientific benefit, there are many soft benefits as well. One of the major life skills that a pet teaches a child is that of responsibility. We often hear about irresponsible teenagers or kids not learning responsibility despite growing up in a comfortable household. This is where a pet helps. When the ‘newness’ and excitement of getting a pet wears off, one must give the responsibility of the pet to the child, hand holding them in the beginning but eventually letting them handle the entirety and taking decisions. Pets require food, water, grooming and vet checkups. They also need lots of love to foster a healthy relationship. When a child becomes responsible for all this, they realize the extent of things being done for them. And while they may make mistakes, it ends up boosting their self-esteem as they learn from such mistakes. Being responsible also teaches the child to be accountable for their actions, encouraging good decisions from the get go.

Other important life skills that having a pet imbibes in a child. Compassion, love, trust and patience are just a few of these. While having a pet does more good to the child than the other way round, the pet also enjoys having a child around. Children, especially between the ages of 5-10 are hyperactive and are always looking for something to do. Playing with a pet can burn the extra energy, provide adequate exercise and keep them busy while you take care of other tasks. Even a pet, when it’s a child, is super active and having an equivalent human will help. But, the benefit of having a pet around your child is not restricted to whatever we have stated here. They have wide cognitive, social, physical and emotional benefits that you will be able to notice only later in life. 

Pets and children form deep bonds and they keep the family together, especially if you got the pet when the child was an infant. Having the two in your home is the perfect combo of nature and nurture.

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  • perfecrly written !! I find myself lucky to have grown up with pets. As said above, this is ablsolutely true that this teaches a child a sense of responsibility, love, care and affection.

    Sumbul Yamin on

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