Immunity in Pets During Winter Season

Immunity in Pets During Winter Season

Winters are here and so are diseases like viral, cold and cough. Winters are probably a time when your immunity is tested severely, especially with unpredictable rain and windy days. And while it may seem like your pet, with all its fur, has no problem fighting the cold, you may be wrong. 

A good immune system is your pet’s first defense against bacterial, fungal or viral diseases, especially during winters. While this won’t guarantee that your pet doesn’t fall sick, it will reduce its chances of getting sick and even if it does get sick, your pet will be better prepared to handle it. A few things you can do boost your pet’s immune system are:

Keep them clean: Clean doesn’t mean spotless, it just means relatively free from germs. It is in the nature of pets to explore and get dirty. You shouldn’t wash your pet everyday as it will strip them of good bacteria as well, but cleaning them with fresh me up to maintain proper hygiene would only help. This also includes their bowls and toys. 

Regular exercise and weight control: The heavier your pet, the harder its body has to work to keep it healthy. Getting it used to regular exercise, even in winters will keep your pet healthy and their weight under control leading to a strong immune system. The amount of exercise for  your pet depends on its breed, age and other physical factors. You should consult your vet for the same.

Healthy diet: Besides regular exercise, a healthy diet is the second factor that contributes to an average body weight. The diet should be full of nutrients and minerals, especially antioxidants like beans, berries, potatoes, cabbage etc. You can also use supplements to make up for nutrients that don’t get transferred through your pet’s regular diet. 

Keep your pet stress-free: Being in stressful situations can severely impact the well being of your pet. Keep them stress free with regular exercise and showering them with love. A healthy environment at home helps tremendously with this.

Just follow these tips and your pet will be winter-ready in no time at all!

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