There can be a vast number of options when it comes to choosing the right chews for your furriers. We need to understand that all dogs need to chew. It’s a natural instinct and it can often help them with stimulation and relieve anxiety just like how we humans have some instigating habits of overcoming stress and anxiety.

But are rawhide treats really good for your dog? The chances are likely that you’ve heard, rawhide chews are particularly bad for dogs, filled with toxic chemicals which can cause umpteen intestine related issues in your dogs. While some believe it can be bad, it turns out that the degree of safety of any rawhide treat or bones depends on a few factors. Read along to find out more!

The most common threats associated with rawhide treats are :

1). Digestive irritation :

Digestive irritation

 The pieces which break off from your dog’s rawhides can pose a threat to their intestines. Sometimes, dogs tend to swallow the chunks of rawhides which can potentially cause an intestinal obstruction and also result in gastrointestinal issues in your dogs.

2). Contamination :


Rawhide chews can be the carriers of E.coli and Salmonella bacteria due to the possible contamination of dog or human food. Also, rawhides can contain small traces of toxic chemicals which give your dog a gippy uncomfortable tummy.

3). Choking or blockages :

Choking or blockages

 Rawhide bones and edible chews can cause choking or a blockage in your dog’s esophagus or their digestive tract. This issue is considered to be more dangerous than contamination or digestive irritation in dogs. Depending on the size of the rawhide chunks, the vet can be able to remove them from the throat. In some cases, dogs will have to undergo a surgery to remove them from the abdomen. If this isn’t resolved, it can lead to fatal conditions.

With this having said, it’s always recommended to choose the right rawhide treats for your furries considering your dog’s chewing style and their age. The brighter side to the purpose of rawhides for your dogs can be to satisfy their need to chew and also serves as a tooth cleaner. Rawhides can also be a relatively inexpensive treat for your furriers.



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