5 Ways to prevent obesity in paw buddy.

5 Ways to prevent obesity in paw buddy.

5 Ways to prevent obesity in paw buddy.


5 Ways to prevent obesity in paw buddy

We all wish to provide our furry friend with the best life, spoiling them with yummy treats sometimes, one that is not that healthy for them. We all love spoiling with treats,  besides who doesn’t enjoy cuddling with a fur ball but if you see that your furry friend is just being lazy and doing nothing it might be a problem. Obesity is a serious health issue when it comes to our furry pals, it can lead to diseases like diabetes, degenerative joint due to being overweight. 

Weight gain in our furry friends is generally the result of overfeeding and lack of exercise. To make sure that your paw pal is living the best life there must be a healthy balance between a good diet and physical activities. Pet parents must ensure that they are providing age-appropriate food, and not overfeeding them. Physical activity is a must for your paw pal, at least a 15-minute walk. Furry pals with a healthy lifestyle slighter chances of contracting life-risking diseases and live a longer and healthier life. To provide your paw pal with the highest quality of life and increase their life span be sure to be following the steps mentioned below and prevent them from becoming obese.

  1. Know the ideal weight:

Know the ideal weight:

It is important to know the ideal weight for your paw pals breed and age. Every breed has a different weight that is ideal for them and as a pet parent, you must be aware of your furry friend’s ideal weight that will help you maintain it. ideal weight in furry pals is ideally not a number but a ratio. Their ribs must be easily felt, not necessarily seen like their waistline. Yes! Furry pals have a waistline that must be seen. If you were wondering only you can flaunt it.

  1. Exercise:


It is obvious, but the most important. Exercise is as important to them as for humans, it is essential for their physical and mental health. Leisure walk is always relaxing and enjoyable but if you are looking for a weight loss in your paw pal a 20-minute power walk every day is all it takes. Try and avoid all the sniffing that will slow down the pace of your walk, maintain a speed.

  1. Treat them with Healthy Treats:

 Treat them with Healthy Treats

 Pet parents are always in the dilemma, either to treat furry buddies with calories or health. Here is a perfect amalgamation of both, BITES functional treats that must be your go-to. Rich in nutrition and taste is the best way to treat your paw pals with good health. This is the perfect way to spoil them with goodness, lip-smacking taste, and healthy ingredients.

Interactive Toys: Say hello to interactive toys that are a fun way to increase your furry pal's physical activity and keep them entertained. You can always keep a bowl of healthy functional treats BITES as a price to motivate them. These interactive toys include rolling, nudging that will increase their physical activity and improving their health with loads of fun.

  1. No more table scraps:

 No more table scraps

It is a sweet gesture to share your food with your furry pal but that strip of bacon can wreak havoc to their system. Being pet parent it can be difficult to resist that puppy eye and not give them the leftover scraps or casually feeding them from your plates but these have a huge amount of calories that can deteriorate their health, sometimes without realizing. Instead, you can treat them with low calorie and healthy treats, like BITES that will improve their health and also keep you happy.

5. Feed based on physical activity:

Feed based on physical activity

Encourage eating based on your paw pal’s physical activity throughout the day. Monitor his activity that will help you keep a check on how active he has been. You may also take expert help from a vet who can suggest you the right proportion for furry’s appetite. Avoid leaving bowls out all day that encourages over eating. Don’t leave food in paws’ reach, this applies to snacks, candies or a plate of leftover you forgot to keep in the kitchen.

Most things are easier said than done. Always remember as pet parents you are your pet pals will power and can help them prevent and drain obesity from their system. Though it is tempting to spoil them, you can spoil them with good health and snuggles. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for a long and healthy life.  


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