A Compilation of Animal Protection Laws That You Must Be Aware of

A Compilation of Animal Protection Laws That You Must Be Aware of

A Compilation of Animal Protection Laws That You Must Be Aware of

India is one of the few countries around the globe with the finest provision and laws that ensure that our furry buddies on the street and everywhere else are safe. Did you know that it is illegal to organize or incite animal fights? Animal lovers and lawmakers of the country have compassionate laws to protect our furry buddies, however, most people are unaware of these legal provisions.

Our country does have the most comprehensive laws for animal protection laws and the same is enshrined in our constitution. Article 51(g) of the Indian Constitution states the following:

"It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife, and to have compassion for living creatures."

In this article, we are going to discuss Animal Rights In India that every animal lover must be aware of.

* It is Illegal to feed poisonous food to our furry buddies on the street:

A person who is caught feeding poisonous food to our furry buddies on the street will be charged under Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals Act of 1960. This law extends to the whole of India except Jammu and Kashmir. 

* It is Illegal to cause Injury or Maim any Animal In India:

According to Section 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code also a few provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals Act of 1960 it is illegal to cause injury or Maim to any animals in India. It is also illegal for cars to hurt any street dogs, cats, or cows. Any person who is caught violating it can be reported against these actions to the local police station or animal protection group under the provisions mentioned above. The punishment for any violation is fine up to Rs. 2000 and jail which may extend up to 5 years. Under the rules mentioned under the Government of India Animal Birth Control 2001, no sterilized animal can be moved from its location. 5 high court judgements across the countries also clarify that any sterilized dogs cannot be relocated from their original area, in the case when a dog is not sterilized the people can ask the local authorities to sterilize the furry buddy. 


* Feel Free To Feed Your Furry Buddies on The Street: 

According to the recent judgement passed by the Delhi High Court, there is no law that prohibits people from feeding animals on the street. By feeding animals on the street you are being kind and helpful to your furry buddies on the street and also helping the municipality to keep stray animals confined to an area. This will help facilitate annual vaccination and birth control. 


* Animal Welfare Board of India issues Id Cards for people who feed furry buddies on the street:

The Animal Welfare Board of India issues ID cards for people who feed street buddies on the street and also gives them the authority to protect animals from haters and abusers. The board also organizes fortnight for volunteers, however, these events do not get as much attention as they deserve.

* Abandoning your furry buddy can land you in jail: 

As per Section 11 (1)(a) and Section 11 (1)(j) of the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals Act abandoning your furry buddy for any reason may land you in jail. Also, neglecting your pet buddy by denying them sufficient food or water or exercising power or keeping them confined for long hours is punishable as per Section 11 (1)(h)  of this act. 


* Implementation of these rules depend on Concerned Citizens and NGOs: 

Stray animals are protected against the prevention of Cruelty Against Animals Act 1960 and the rules enacted under section 38 of the act and sections 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code and Article 51A (g) of the Indian Constitutions need to be implemented well and people must be aware of these laws. However, despite such extensive laws animal abusers get a way out without any punishments. NGOs and animal lovers must be the voice for these voiceless animals and move the court when they deem necessary.



Although India has these elaborate laws for animal protection they are not properly implemented. It is because concerned NGOs and citizens do not emphasize taking the legal route to accomplish results. It is imperative that citizens realize that the laws in India are not strong and reasonable and have a scope of great change. Legislation must ensure that all animals are protected and prevented from cruelty in their natural habitat and we must ensure that we make this planet a better place for our furry buddies.


  • According to PetCareRx, The inability of the government and business organisations to guarantee the ethical treatment of animals in the animal industries is terribly sad. It should come as no surprise that animal welfare will suffer in favour of monetary gain when we permit self-regulation by those with entrenched interests in these businesses.

    boyelo on

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    Netra Gaddi on

  • I saw post on Instagram of some temple of Tamilnadu kept an elephant and the care taker of elephant continuously hurt n beat brutal n ruthlessly to the elephant and Elephant kept screaming out of pain and stood helpless . Please rescue the elephant and take severe action against them #justiceforjoymala

    Netra Gaddi on

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    Tejas on

  • Even after so much law for street dog some society are very rude with this dog, one of the street dog is not well and sitting inside the society outside my flat, and also we call doctor to treat the dog and treatment is going on, but our neighbour have an issue they have complained to society to remove the dog.

    Asha R. Poojary on

  • even after knowing all the rules and regulations, some people still hurt them cats and dogs in this summer just because they have drank water from the tub kept outside. And after they are told about the animal act, they show about their powers that her husband belongs from a government employee. What action can be taken after them?

    Dipanjana Sengupta on

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