The Importance of Vaccinating Your Furry Baby

The Importance of Vaccinating Your Furry Baby

The Importance of Vaccinating Your Furry Baby

As pet parents, the health of your furry child is your topmost priority and although most people understand the importance of vaccination but some may not. Vaccines are products that are created to trigger protective immune responses in your pawpys’ for various illnesses they can succumb to. Vaccine allows your pawpals to fight against various disease-causing agents and prepare the immune system against illnesses. It stimulates the production of antibodies that identify and destroy multiple viruses that may enter the body and cause life-threatening diseases.

Experts around the globe agree that the widespread use of vaccines in animals has prevented disease and death in animals all over the world. Vaccinations protect your furry babies from deadly and highly contagious diseases and improve their health and overall quality of life.

In this article, we will discuss why vaccination is vital for your pawpy’s health and the various benefits that it has to offer. 

Why do you need to vaccinate your furry baby?

There are a lot of diseases that your furry baby can catch if they are not vaccinated, which is fatal in most cases. Even if your furry buddy is able to recover from a disease it may lead to him having long-term repercussions and health problems which can put them through a lot of distress and pain.

Vaccinations are also important if you wish to travel with your furry ones or leave them in a kennel for a few days when you are out of the station. Most kennels ensure that furry has an up-to-date vaccination before taking them in. If you are still contemplating whether you should get your pawpy vaccinated here are a few reasons that might help you decide: 


Benefits of Pet vaccination:

Ensures you pawpal’s Safety:

Vaccinations are usually safe for pawpals, however, they may cause side effects, such as redness or swelling in the site of injection, the benefits that vaccines cover often outweigh the risk. Most of the time, it is crucial to vaccinate so that your furry friend doesn’t pass any diseases onto other animals. Illness or contagious diseases can be spread between furries while playing in the park, boarding kennels, or even doggy daycare. Vaccinate your furry baby for their safety and also save another furry friends from a life-threatening illness.


Ensure the safety of your family

There are diseases such as Rabies or Leptospirosis that can transmit from dogs to humans. Vaccinating your pooch against them ensures not only your pooch’s safety, but the safety of your entire family and also people in your community.


Vaccinate in time and save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket

If not taken care of in time, illnesses can burn a hole in your pocket and may cost you a lot of your time. It is better to prevent a disease than to treat it. With possibly one vaccine a year or maybe two, you can save your furry pal and prevent common problems and ailments. 

Getting your furry baby vaccinated can save their lives! Consider vaccinating your pawpy as a way to ensure their resistance against any debilitating disease that will require treatment. Your veterinarian will determine which vaccinations your furry friend needs based on their age, medical history of your furry baby, and lifestyle risk factors.


A few Common Side Effects Noticed in Furry Friends, After Vaccination:

Is your pawpal due for a vaccination or checkup? Don’t worry! Vaccination reaction may cause mild discomfort in your furry baby however with time he will heal and get back to his normal self. Yes, vaccines are saviours from fatal diseases yet after a dose of vaccination you may notice the following changes in your furry buddy: 

* They may experience discomfort like firmness or swelling at the injection site

* Minor fever

* They may feel lethargic and drowsy

* They may lack the desire to play or eat

*  Continuous sneezing

We understand that as pet parents you are afraid of the side effects that tags along with vaccinations. If you are contemplating vaccinations you must ensure that your furry has a strong immune system. A malfunctioning immune system can open the door to a host of diseases. However, vaccination is not the ultimate remedy, products such as NatLife ensures an optimal immune system in furry friends. The unique and natural formula makes it safe to use over a long period of time and protects your furry baby from innumerable health problems.

But we do advise you to get educated about various vaccine-preventable diseases from your vet. There are some critical factors which need to be taken care of before, during and after vaccination. We will see more on those in the next blog.


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