Wondering What You Must Be Feeding Your Doggo?

Wondering What You Must Be Feeding Your Doggo?

Wondering What You Must Be Feeding Your Doggo?


As a pet parent, it is difficult to not give in to the puppy eyes that your furry baby makes while you are having your dinner. Being a pet parent also comes with truckloads of responsibility and you must be aware of them. Passing some chicken under the table to your furry bud, or adding leftover table scraps, or treats should only make 10% of your furry baby’s diet. Giving your furry baby more food only may lead to an adverse consequence like pickiness or being overweight. 

Humans and furry buddy's metabolize food differently. For this reason, some food that is edible for humans may be toxic for your furry baby. Having said that choosing what kind of food that you must feed your furry friend can be challenging. As a pet parent, you would want the absolute best for your furry child and it is a curse in the disguise of a blessing that the market is saturated with furry bud food and we are spoilt with choices. Few of this food fall into human-grade pet food while the other falls under the feed grade pet food.

We understand that it can all get a little confusing, but don’t you worry, we are here to navigate you through the choices and understand the furry bud food landscape.


What is the difference between human-grade and feed grade pet food?

While the difference between human-grade pet food and feed grade can be negligible or dramatic it is crucial that you understand the difference. The definition of human-grade pet food is “Every ingredient and the resulting product that is stored, handled, processed, and transported in a manner that is consistent and compliant with regulations for good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for human edible foods as specified in 21 CFR 117.” This means that every ingredient added to this food can be eaten by humans as well. However, finding pet food that meets the criteria of human-grade pet food can be a task to spot.

Feed grade refers to the food that is not edible by humans and is not suitable according to the standards of the FDA. These foods are only legally allowed for pet consumption because of how they have been processed. Some products that say “made with human-grade ingredients” does not mean that they can be consumed by humans. An ingredient that is initially fit for human consumption when processed under the regulations for feed-grade products can turn out to be non-edible when it comes out as the finished product from a pet food plant.


Are Rawhide Treats Ideal for your furry bud?

Rawhide chews are a pets’ favourite and our furry baby’s love them. But are they healthy?


What are rawhide chews made of?

Rawhide chews are made from the inner lining of horse and cow hides. The hides are cleaned, cut or grounded and then processed made into chewable furry bud treats. Some rawhide treats also contain chicken and beef liver flavour which makes them more appealing to your poochie.


Why should you give your poochie rawhide treats?

All furry bud’s need to chew as it is their natural instinct. Chewing helps poochies relieve anxiety, stimulates their mind and they can spend hours chewing. Besides, rawhide treats are a great alternative to leather shoes and dining table legs.

Yes, they may be good for your puppy's teeth and it helps them built their natural instinct of chewing but there are also a few drawbacks that tags along few of which are given below:

* Choking and Blockages

* Contamination. Rawhide treats can have traces of harmful chemicals that may cause adverse side effects. 

* Digestive irritation


What should you feed your furry bud? 

When getting teats and food for your furry bud you must ensure that the treat or pet food offers everything that is listed below: 

* There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives: You must make sure that your poochie is eating everything fresh without you having to cook it

* The food must be nutritious

* It must be human-grade

* It has options so you can rotate flavours if desired without causing your poochie a digestive upset.

* Made with recognizable and human-grade ingredients and are not from rendering plants or sourced from some of the nasty places.

BITES is a portion of yummy delicious pet treat that ticks all the boxes and ensures that your furry baby gets all the yumminess and nutrients packed in one meal. If you are looking for an ideal treat and meal for your poochie, look no further bites is the right choice for you. 

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