NomoTicks Body & Home Spray

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Anti Tick & Flea Body Spray

All-natural and safe solution to fight mild or severe tick and flea infestation. It kills or eliminates eggs, nymphs, larvae, and adults of ticks and fleas. It shows results within 48 hours of use and is meant for dogs, cats, and pups of all breeds.

Features and Benefits
All Natural and safe
No Water Required
Safe for Daily Use
For Full Body and Spot Cleansing
PH Balanced and Non Irritant
Completely Lick Safe
Moisturizer and Conditioner
Sulphate and Paraben Free
Pet & Pet Parent Friendly
For Dogs, Cats and Pups of all Breeds
  • Mild or severe tick and flea infestation
  • When exposed to surroundings with ticks and fleas
  • Prevention of Tick Fever
  • Itichind, scratching & irritation due to ticks and fleas
  • Kattrna oil / Cymbopogon citratus oil
  • Tulasi / Ocimum sanctum leaf oil
  • Haridra / Curcuma longa oil
  • Bhanga / Cannabis sativa Linn seed oil
  • Peppermint / Mentha piperita
Direction to Use
Spray the product liberally over the coat & massage it onto the coat.
Focus on areas where ticks and fleas are commonly found.

“Product Information Video”

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