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Digestive Health Treats

Introducing first of its kind, all-natural, grain-free functional treats. Digestive Bites™ helps in improving digestion. The flavours and textures of Digestive Bites™ make them very palatable for the pets and is also healthy, so the pet parents can now feed their pets these soft chews without any worries.

Features and Benefits
All Natural and Safe
Grain and Gluten Free
Human Grade Ingredients
Added Functional Benefits
Easily Digestible Soft Chews
No Artificial Colours and Flavours
For Dogs and Pups of All Breeds
Highly Palatable
- Ferula Asafoetida
- Cuminum Cyminum
- Foeniculum Vulgare
- Zingiber officinale
Dog Weight in KG Suggested Serving
1-5 2-3 Sticks/Cubes
5-20 4-5 Sticks/Cubes
20 and above 6-7 Sticks/Cubes
More Info

All pets face digestive issues from time to time, be it because of their diet or because they’ve eaten something they shouldn’t have. But these digestive issues can turn serious and cause other problems like immunity. We reach for age-old solutions like khichdi but you can’t do the same for your pet. Giving your pet all kinds of scraps and bits and pieces off the table is a bad nutrition choice as this can accumulate over time and lead to digestive problems. They may seem like little treats that make them happy, but we bring to you healthy dog treats that you can feed your dog without any concerns. Digestive Bites are dog biscuits, or as some may call it, a kind of gastrointestinal dog food meant for better gut health in your dog or pup. These are sticks for dogs that are available in a yummy chicken liver flavour and are thus, very palatable and easy to feed. And if your pet has a sensitive stomach? No problems at all! Digestive Bites are grain and gluten-free soft chews that make them very easy to digest and without any side effects. We have all-natural ingredients to make this product and you can find their names on our websites as well as the product package. All these ingredients make a product that helps in better secretion of digestive enzymes, reducing bloating and stomach cramps, and finally, increasing the appetite of your pet. Add to this the fact that you can order these dog treats online and get them delivered right to your doorstep. To learn more about Digestive Bites and other dog treats, visit our website here. You will also find other Bites for other specific purposes like mobility and immunity, all made with natural ingredients and perfectly healthy for your dog and pups.

All of our products are available online to order along with the availability of cash on delivery. Instructions for usage are available on the package as well as the website, where you’ll find a product information video detailing the ingredients and key features. At Pet Natural, we have formulated our products keeping in mind the safety of your pets and the pet parents. We have over four decades of research to back our products and to make sure we provide you with only the best, natural and safe solution. To know more about us, visit our website here or connect with us on our social media pages. Happy treating!

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