Why Do Dogs Chase Their Own Tails?

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Own Tails?

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Own Tails?

Instagram reels of dogs chasing their own tails and engaging in other antics are beyond hilarious and cute. We absolutely love watching them one after the other, oohing and aahing at the entertainment that dogs give us by simply existing. Although we find it funny at the time, dogs can chase their tails for several reasons, ranging from boredom to compulsive disorders.


There could be no other reason for your pet dog to chase their tail except for the fact that they are a puppy and are simply acting their age! Puppies love playing, be it with themselves or others and chasing their tails is just them being playful.


Dogs and their brains need constant stimulation, be it inside the home or outside. One of the most common reasons for dogs chasing their tails is when they get bored. In such cases, dogs do this to stimulate themselves. This can happen if the dog is left alone for long periods or does not get sufficient exercise. While this is not a problem in itself, you can always take your dog on walks and train it using healthy dog treats not to do this and break stuff around the house. Another way you can get the energy out is by playing fetch and giving your dog puzzles to solve. 

Allergies and Parasites

Your dog constantly biting its tail could be a sign of allergies or parasites. Maybe it's because you changed a product and they are irritated by it, or perhaps it’s trying to get rid of fleas and other parasites. Since he cannot scratch himself, he will bite the areas where he is itchy. Using a dry dog shampoo like Fresh Me Up is an excellent way to keep these out and your dog fresh. 

Attention-Seeking Behaviour

It is possible that the dog has noticed specific behaviour patterns of yours when he chases his tail, like your laughing or yelling at him to stop, and now he craves such attention, be it positive or negative. What you can do instead is ignore it when it starts to chase its tail and reward it when it stops by giving it healthy dog treats and appreciation. 

Canine Compulsive Disorder

While this is something only a vet can diagnose, you may notice specific triggers in your dog, like being left alone or visitors in the house, because of which it starts chasing its tail. Just like humans, dogs too can have compulsive behaviours when they get stressed or over-excited. 

Be sure to look out for signs of unhealthy behaviour in your pet dogs, and you will be just fine! To shop for healthy dog treats, dog shampoo, pet supplements and other natural pet products, visit our website here


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