When to Start Training Your Pet?



You’ve got a puppy or a kitten and they’re lighting up your world, but they’ve now entered the age when everything is a chew toy. This might seem amusing behaviour at first, but the pet should be trained to take care is such little issues. So when is the right time to start training your dog and cat?

As far as puppies are concerned, many vets used to recommend 7 to 8 weeks as the appropriate age to start training them. But recent studies suggest that training them this early without socialization can lead to a fear of the same later down the line. So, your pet dog should start socialization training in 7-8 weeks. This will prevent some behavioural issues like phobias and aggression when they get older. 12 to 16 weeks is the best time for formal dog behavioural training. They can learn to wear a collar in 8 weeks, and since house training takes time, the earlier you start, the better. There are 5 basic commands that every pet dog must be taught: come, sit, lie down, stay and heel. Continue training your puppy with treats, even when it enters the teenage phase of 6 to 8 months old. This is also the perfect time to bond with them and reassert your love for them.

Kittens may actually be easier to house train than dogs but their behaviours are harder to break. They have an independent nature and the best thing you can do is remain consistent with the training. You may notice them getting bored and therefore testing your patience but being consistent is of essence. A kitten bite and a fully grown cat bite are vastly different and can soon become a problem. If you notice them doing something they shouldn’t, your best bet is to distract them towards an alternate behaviour.

Be it a pet dog or a pet cat, behavioural training is extremely important to build good consistent habits. It is far easier than breaking bad habits later.

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