Is your pet happy?

Is your pet happy?

You have a healthy, happy home, your pet has its meals on time, and most days pass without a major incident. It doesn’t take much to make your pet’s tail wagging happy. But how can you really tell that it is indeed happy? There are a few signs to go by: 

  • Eye contact: If your pet dog looks you in the eye when you call it, it’s a major sign of trust. They may also look you in the eye for reassurance and to make sure that you’re as happy as them. This is why they may sometimes snuggle with you if you’ve had a hard day.
  • Body language: Some of the most common signs of a happy dog are relaxed floppy ears, a wagging tail, a wide smile and lots of wet kisses. Their body will wriggle easily and rest without any tension. 
  • They come back to you: Pet dogs love discovering new smells and going after them. Even on walks, especially if they’re off-leash, they can run ahead smelling things. But if the dog waits for you to catch up and comes back when you call it, they are trying extra hard to be good and are happier with you than anywhere else. 
  • Good appetite: Appetite changes can signal health issues but if your dog gratefully eats up everything in their plate and does so smilingly, they really are happy.
  • Love walks and exercise: Most dogs are outdoor animals and should ideally enjoy their walk times. If your pet dog starts walking around excitedly when you grab its leash or say something like a walk, they love their walks and are happy to accompany you on it. 
  • Behaviour around others: Pets can get wary around other dogs or strangers. But having a healthy socialization behaviour around people and other pets indicates that your pet has a healthy home and is fairly happy. 

Keeping your pet happy is a constant effort and some of the most common things you can do are give it a well-balanced diet, get regular exercise and give it playtime. Show it lots of love, have healthy grooming habits and get regular vet check-ups.

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