What You Need to Know about Pet First Aid

What You Need to Know about Pet First Aid

What You Need to Know about Pet First Aid

First aid in general is not a topic we are well aware of, and pet first aid often takes a backseat when everything is going well. However, as a pet parent, there are certain tips you must know and keep in mind about pet first aid, if the situation were to ever arise:

Mitigation: Reduce the risk of injury or incidents by making sure your surroundings are pet proof. Keep harmful chemicals out of their reach, poisonous food items away from them and no jutting furniture that may cause cuts.

Stay Calm: Before jumping into a frenzy of action, remind yourself to stay calm and breathe through it. Think first and then act. Use a soothing voice and avoid confrontational body language. Approach the pet from the side to not make it worse.

In case of fractures: Muzzle the pet if possible and prevent it from running off to avoid further injuries. Lay down your pet on a flat surface and you can cover the bone with common household items like a piece of cloth, bubble wrap etc. Transport your pet immediately to the vet on a stretcher.

In case of seizures: Gently move your pet away from objects that might harm it and time the seizure. After it has passed, keep your pet warm and contact your vet.

In case of wounds: For quiescent wounds, cuts and tears, simple and chronic wounds, bite wounds and many other problems, you can use our Topicure Pet Spray. It’s lick safe, scare-free, completely natural and gives results within 3 days. It is a pet medicine that you can order sitting at home and keep around just in case.

In case of rashes and redness: Itching can be a major problem in certain seasons and breeds. There can be several underlying causes of the same, ranging from ticks to rashes. Reliflam spray is an easy solution to itching and redness that your pet dogs and cats might be experiencing. It is a completely natural, scare-free, lick-safe solution to itching and redness in pets. Results are visible in 3 days of application. 

In case of burns: In case of chemical burns, wash with lots of water and in case of severe burns, give an ice water compress. Take your pet to the vet as soon as possible. 

The American Veterinary Medical Association also lists various other situations that may arise and how to deal with them. Read more here

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