Top 5 low maintenance dog breeds

Top 5 low maintenance dog breeds

Top 5 low maintenance dog breeds

Top 5 low maintenance dog breeds

Having a dog in your family is the purest form of a blessing disguised as they bring vitality to the house.

At the same time, things can become quite awkward if you are having a breed which requires a desirable amount of maintenance. Read along to find out more about low maintenance dog breeds. 

Dog breeds



A favourite among dog owners, Beagles are benign, loving  and a jolly-go-lucky dog breed.

A well-known fact about Beagles is that they are not picky about their food. They are fully pleased with whatever they are being fed.

They don’t need brushing more than once a week due to their thin coat. A little daily walk is enough to keep them fit and healthy.



 The midget size and the grooming need of a Chihuahua makes it one of those best dogs you can have.

The breed does not demand for too much exercise and 15-20 minutes of daily walking would be good enough.



 Pugs are great family dogs since they intermix well with children too.

They are also low shedders which makes grooming a cakewalk. A daily walking of 15 minutes is fairly recommended.

They are quick learners that makes it easy for dog owners to train them to be well behaved dogs.

Labrador retriever:

Labrador retriever

Labradors Retrievers are cute, genial, clever and loyal.

They are also one of the breeds with minimal trainability efforts, thanks to their quick learning skills. Labradors do not need much grooming due to their short coat.

Weekly brushing with a fine bristle brush is enough to keep their skin and coat vigorous.



 Boxer is a fun and a jovial breed that has great affection for children making them good family pets.

They respond well to obedience training and are known for their high tolerance.

Brushing them on a weekly basis keeps the shedding to the lowest. Playing simple games like fetch is enough to burn their extra calories to keep them fit and fine.




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