7 Stunning Indian Dog Breeds You Must Adopt Today

7 Stunning Indian Dog Breeds You Must Adopt Today

7 Stunning Indian Dog Breeds You Must Adopt Today

Are you planning to bring home a new furry friend? If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking about getting a Labrador, a Pug, or a German shepherd. But did you know, there are many Indian breeds that are just as intelligent, friendly, and loyal as their foreign cousins?

Unfortunately, the raging devotion to western canine breeds is endangering quite a few of these exceptional desi breeds, even though they are much better adapted to the Indian climate. So let’s give you a lowdown on seven Indian dog breeds that make great companions and are excellent choices for any dog lover.

1.  Indian Spitz:

1.  Indian Spitz

The most popular Indian dog breed through the 80s and 90s, Indian Spitz are perfect family dogs that are also well-suited to today’s apartment lifestyle, thanks to their small to medium size. They’re very friendly, cute, active, and intelligent. Plus, their easy-going nature is perfect for first-time pet parents.

2.  Indian Pariah Dog:

2.  Indian Pariah Dog

Considered as the most primitive indigenous dog breed, the Indian Pariah Dog is found across the subcontinent. They live long, are less prone to diseases, and are extremely low maintenance. Although, they do need their daily rounds of walk and some exercise to keep up with their playful nature. They are loyal, protective, friendly and social, but often don’t get along well with other dogs or pets.

3.  Pandikona:

3.  Pandikona

It is a breed with primitive-type hunting instincts and a sturdy build. Pandikona strives under the harsh weather conditions of Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh and requires minimal care as a pet. Extremely territorial, independent by nature and very active, these are basically hunting or guard dogs.

4.  Rampur Greyhound:

4.  Rampur Greyhound

An Indian sight hound, the Rampur Greyhounds were bred by the royals of Rampur near Delhi in the British Era. With their characteristic athletic build, amazing endurance, and razor sharp vision, they are great watch dogs. With their affectionate and sensitive temperament, they are a good choice for families. Though, early socialisation is recommended.

5.  Rajapalayam:

5.	Rajapalayam
Source: thehindu.com

Another breed of Indian sight hounds, it comes from Rajapalayam, a small town in Tamil Nadu and was bred as a companion for the royals of the British era. Milky white coat with distinct pink snout, they are regal, friendly, exceedingly loyal, and excellent as guard dogs.

6.  Mudhol Hound:

6.  Mudhol Hound

The third Indian sight hound on this list, Mudhol was originally bred as a hunting dog and is the first desi breed to be recruited by the Indian Army recently. Distinguished by its elongated skull, tapering muzzle and an amazing sight, this breed makes perfect guard dogs. They are fiercely loyal and protective of their owners and can turn out to be good family dogs through proper socialisation early on.

7.  Kumaon Mastiff:

7.  Kumaon Mastiff

Source - https://www.petsworld.in/blog/kumaon-mastiff-dog-breed-information.html

For those who are fond of mastiffs, here’s a rare and ancient breed of guard dogs. Originated from the Kumaon region of Himalayas, this breed is known for its stocky, muscular body, and broad muzzle. They are loyal, brave, and friendly, though they can be aggressive to strangers or perceived threats.

Give a chance to these fine indigenous breeds in your home and see them flourish in their native weather conditions much better than their foreign counterparts.


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