Top 5 fun games to keep the meows going

Top 5 fun games to keep the meows going

Top 5 fun games to keep the meows going

Little kitty can be more fun fur real. However, furry pals have the reputation of being more fun and playful than your feline paw pal. But playing fun games will strengthen your bond with your kitty, stimulate their mind, and is a good way of exercising. Playing fun games will build trust and affection between the two of you.

If you are looking for a way to bring out the fun side of your kitty you are in the right place. This article includes a list of 5 fun, exciting, and interactive games for kitties with different personalities. Most of the activities that call for supplies on the list are already lying around in every household. Additionally, space is not an issue when it comes to these activities, you can play it anywhere.

Make your kitty Cathletic and Clawer with these fun games. Keep in mind that feline buddies are naturally programmed to prey and they’d prefer playing with you than playing alone. While you can always pull out a string and ask them to chase it there are other fun games that will entertain both you and your purr body and keep the meows rolling.

All the games are included in the list keeping in mind to provide your kitty with a fun workout and to help you strengthen your bond with your purr baby:

Crumpled Paper:

It is as simple as crumpling a piece of paper and leaving it on the floor. Don’t you worry your purr baby will take it from there. Kitties cannot resist the sound of paper crumpling and they will kick it around the house or carry it wherever they go. However, if you don’t want your room to be full of paper confetti keep an eye on your feline buddy and do not let them shred the paper ball.

String and Feather:

Kitties love this game. Make a DIY cat toy attach a string to a stick and tie a feather or a bell at the end of the string. Wave the wand above and around your feline buddy’s head and see how excited they get. You can make it more exciting by pulling it slowly around the house and see them jump around or just sit in a place and try to keep it above their reach. Make sure you do it in a place with more space or keep in mind to keep valuables away before playing it.

Ping Pong:

A ping pong ball can be fun for you and your kitty. You just have to bounce the ball on the floor or the wall and your kitty will catch it. Their twists and contortions will make them appear like a feline gymnast.


Purhaps the game of fetch is associated with doggos but kitties enjoy it as well. Choose a toy that they can carry in their mouth and throw it across the room your kitty will love to leap around and retrieve it. However, fetch is a game they might need a little bit of training with, but eventually, they will learn to bring it back. If they do, don’t forget to give them a healthy treat like BITES as a prize.

Paper bag:

Put a paper bag on the floor and scratch the end of it and put your fingers, your kitty will think there is an unknown prey in it and play quite happily to pursue it. This is clever and fun game to play with your feline baby.

This curated list above is a purrty purrfect game for your friend and you to play. These pursome games will help you strengthen your bond and entertain you both.

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