Fun and safe Easter activities to do with your pets this season

Fun and safe Easter activities to do with your pets this season

Fun and safe Easter activities to do with your pets this season

When spring is around, it’s all about stepping outdoors into the sun and making Easter a memorable occasion with a lot of fun and safe activities for the family including your four-legged members. If you are looking for some engaging activities for your furries this Easter, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out about all that you can do with your pooches this Easter season !

 Easter baskets for pets

- This can be an impressive idea if you’re planning to gift your pet with some essentials that they would love owning. Also, it need not be Easter related gift for your pooches. All that you need to do is just make an attractive plastic free basket with your family and fill them with goodies like treats or pet friendly chocolate, pet toys, chew or dental toys or even some natural pet grooming products.

 Easter egg hunt

Why not conduct an Easter egg hunt activity involving all the children in the house and your furries ? Dogs are naturally curious animals and use their sniffers to explore the world and you can hide some delicious treats in the garden or a room large enough for your pets to sniff the treats and hunt them down. You can allow the children to hide the treats or goodies for your pooches.

 Easter photoshoot

- If you want to capture the best moments of your family and furries on this special occasion, then a photoshoot would be the best option for you. Using some colourful Easter props like plastic eggs, baskets, tulips, daffodils, etc in your background can just add onto the fresh spring feel. You can also click some adorable pictures of your furries with the Easter bunny with a little taming. Also, its necessary to keep away all plastic props or candies from your furries in order to avoid unpleasant incidents.

 Easter picnic-

If the weather is comfortable enough for you to plan an outdoor picnic with your family and your furry, then you will have to consider making it fun and enjoyable for your loved ones by packing some card games, puzzles and some pet toys, treats and of course some Easter theme based food like carrot and cucumber sticks from Easter bunny, sandwiches shaped like eggs, rice krispies nests with a few chocolate eggs in each. It’s also advisable for you to make your pooches meals interesting and attractive because they deserve being loved and treated special too. You can totally spice up the whole atmosphere by simply planning out some simple games for your furry that can also help them stay mentally and physically fit.

With these activities, you are surely about to make this Easter a memorable one with your paw buddies around you. We wish you all a very Happy Easter!

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