Summer is around the corner, how can you help your dog cope with the heat?

Temperatures have reached 30s and its already hot in the afternoons. It’s March and summer is just around the bend – a time when dogs start demanding more water and get tired easily. It’s a painful time for dogs with thick fur and long hair – hot as they feel already, they will need air conditioning in the warmer months. So how can you help your pet dog cope with the heat this summer? Here are a few tips to go:

Choose walk times wisely: The pads of your dog’s feet can get really hot if you walk them in high sun or the afternoon. Even dusk can be difficult since the earth is still giving our heat. Walk your pet dogs early in the morning or late at night to avoid going out at peak sun times. 

Keep away from hot surfaces: Don’t walk your dog on surfaces like road or cemented pathways as these tend to absorb a lot of heat and get hot very quickly.

Keep drinking water handy: It doesn’t matter if you’re out on a walk or lounging at home, always keep water handy as your dog will need it a lot.

Water, water, water: Yes, dogs love water in this season because they can’t sweat as a heat mechanism the way humans do. Give them a pipe wash, set up a tub, take them to the beach – do anything that involves them getting wet and they will love it. 

Recognize when your dog is hot: This is particularly important. Dogs’ temperatures can rise very quickly. When they are hot they will usually pant an excessive amount and walk like they’re drunk. It can go from this to having a heat stroke pretty quickly, so always know where the closest vet ER is.

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