How to deal with the odour from your pet’s fur?

Pets that have long, dense, frizzy fur can often leave in their wake a bad odour that you may be used to but others visiting your house may find strange. This could be because of dirt stuck in their fur or maybe they’ve not had a bath since a while. To deal with this problem, we have the perfect natural pet products for you – Fresh Me Up and Lush Me Up. 

Fresh Me Up is a mild waterless foam cleanser that is hypoallergenic meaning that it is a dry cat and dog shampoo, perfect for winters or when you’re too lazy to bathe your pet. Like all our other products, this one is also completely natural and contains ingredients like aloe vera that gives a moisturizing and conditioning effect as well as an excellent smell. Fresh Me Up is a dry shampoo for dog and cats that contains no sulphates or parabens, making it chemical free, irritant-free and pH balanced. It is safe for daily use for spot and deep cleaning, and can be used on all breeds of cats, dogs and pups. 

Lush Me Up is an anti-hair fall cat and dog shampoo that can be used in routine bathing. This shampoo is 100% Hypoallergenic and SLES and Paraben Free, making it perfectly safe for the pet and the pet parent. It can be used on pets experiencing hair fall, pets that are predisposed to have a hair fall condition and those with rough and frizzy hair, with visible results in just 4 washes. The product contains natural ingredients like methi, neem and amla, that promote better hair care and are used regularly in natural hair care solutions. 

Customers have given five star reviews to both our products, calling it effective and some of the best pet shampoos out there. To learn more about them, visit our website here.

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