Keeping your pet clean: Fresh Me Up & Lush Me Up


A dirty pet is a home to germs and bacteria that can make them sick. Maintaining basic hygiene is the first step in keeping your pet healthy, be it an energetic dog or a lazy cat. But using a shampoo that has excessive chemicals can also lead to shedding or the pet may be allergic to it. Even if these cleansers promise to make the coat of your pet dog or cat shiny and soft, they may not be a good choice in the long run. At Pet Natural, we offer completely natural and organic pet shampoo for cats and dogs of all breeds. 

The product Fresh Me Up, is a mild waterless foam cleanser that is hypoallergenic meaning that it is a dry cat and dog shampoo, perfect for winters. It is suitable not only for pets but also for pet parents since it is mild and is favorable for the skin. If you're looking to buy natural dog shampoo, this is your product. It can be used daily, with no harmful side effects, and is also lick safe. Moreover, it can be used for spot cleaning, quick cleaning as well as deep cleaning. 

Our second product, Lush Me Up, has been designed specifically for pets that experience hair fall. Again, this is a very mild product which makes it suitable for the pet and the pet parent. We also assure visible hair fall reduction in just 4 washes. Both our products are chemical-free and made from completely natural ingredients. To buy these cat and dog shampoos, click here. 

Along with each of our products, we also provide a list of the ingredients, the suitability of use, and an instruction guide to help you use it in the best way possible. All of our products are pioneers in their field because of our unique take on natural grooming, medication, and treats. We believe nature is at the core of our being and has the solution to not only our problems but also our pets' problems. With over 15 patents filed, there's no other place you need to go to not only buy natural dog shampoo but any organic pet solution like treats, medicines, and supplements. We have over 50 years of experience in not only pet care but also care for cattle, goats, etc. Unlike other pet supply companies, we focus solely on natural solutions. Head over to our website to know more.
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