Being an eco-friendly pet owner


We’ve stopped using plastic straws, we separate our waste, we save electricity and water, but we spend thousands on products for our pets that are harmful to nature (like meat) or contribute to climate change in some way or the other. Be it pet shampoos, pet supplements treats for puppies, or even pet accessories like leash and bed, everything generates waste and not everything is made in an eco-friendly way. But is there actually any way to be a pet owner without destroying the environment? 

This is where Pet Natural Remedy comes in. We are India’s leading animal herbal healthcare company, we understand how inexcludable nature is. With over 50 years of experience and passion, we have done intensive research on how nature can help us and our pets live a healthy balanced life without causing harm to the earth. We are led by our vision and values to do the right thing, not only for our customers but also for the planet. At Pet Natural Remedy, all products that you purchase are natural and safe, clinically tested, have no harmful side effects, and are safe for dogs, cats, pups, and kittens of all breeds. 

We offer a wide but specialized range of products that are eco-friendly. Our organic pet shampoos, Fresh Me Up and Lush Me Up are waterless and meant for hair fall respectively. They are free of chemicals, made of completely natural ingredients, and pet-parent friendly. We also have pet supplements for immunity and strong bones in cats and dogs. You can also buy natural dog treats that have no side effects on your pets and are eco-friendly. All our products are listed on our website.

When you choose Pet Natural Remedy, you’re choosing to make a small change, day by day, so that you can make a large impact on the planet and its wildlife. This is the idea that our founder started with and this is the idea that we continue to believe in today.

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