How to Train your Dog At Home

How to Train your Dog At Home

How to Train your Dog At Home


THE Four Commandments in-home Training:

Teaching the "Stay" Command

  1. Keep Smart Bites (dog treats as a reward ) in your hand and kneel in front of
  2. Put the Smart Bites to your pet's
  3. Lift your hand
  4. Tell your buddy to
  5. If he lifts his head to Bite the dog treat, use your other hand to guide his backside down into a sitting
  6. As he sits down, say with clarity and eye contact "Sit” and reward him Teaching the "Stay" Command to develop “Self Control”

Teaching the "Sit" Command

  1. Direct your furry to
  2. Open your palm and put the “ Smart Bite/ dog treats “ in front of
  3. Say with clarity and eye contact "Stay."
  4. Step
  5. If your dog stays put, give him the "Smart Bite" as a reward and shake his

Teaching "Leave it" Command to build up the safety consciousness.

  1. Keep Smart Bites dog treats in both
  2. Show your puppy one closed fist with the dog treats
  3. Your dog will probably try to get the dog
  4. Say with clarity and eye contact "Leave it," to your
  5. Once he accepts your command, give your pet the “Smart Bites” from the other
  6. Repeat the exercise .

Potty Training

Like human babies, puppies do the best on a routine schedule teaching them that there are times to eat, play and do other business. Take him out of the house every two hours, show them a potty spot and reward him every time they eliminate outdoors with a “Smart Bite” immediately on completion of the potty exercise.

To regulate his potty timings fix up a schedule for feeding and water drinking.

House-training your dog calls for patience, commitment and lots of consistency. Once you follow these basic guidelines, you can get the pup on the right track in a few weeks. House training exercise becomes easy with “Smart Bites” as it helps in improving memory and cognition ( an essence of training) than the regular treats .

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