5 Tips to enjoy a pet-friendly Holi with your furry Friend

5 Tips to enjoy a pet-friendly Holi with your furry Friend

5 Tips to enjoy a pet-friendly Holi with your furry Friend

It is a common phenomenon where we include our furry friends and strays in the entire celebration process. Deliberate or accidental exposure to colours can wreak havoc to the health of our dear four-legged friends. We include furry buddies to the celebration of festivities, without the realization about the adverse effects, they can have on them.

This Holi pledge to make the festival more accommodative of all pets and strays. We do not realize how the harmful substances present in the colours can affect them, the worse being they cannot even communicate the same. We know you care for furry as much as we do and so here are 5 tips to enjoy a pet-friendly Holi this year:

  1. Keep them indoors:

 You may be considerate towards furry friends and make sure there is no spec of colour or harmful substances around furry. There are often many people who enjoy throwing colours and water balloons on fellow passerby which might affect furry.

  1. No sweets for furry:

Festivities call for sweets rich in dry fruits and sugar. These are extremely unhealthy for furry. Avoid giving furry sweets even if they make that puppy face and refrain your guests to do the same. Good for furry he has tasty and yummy BITES functional treats to celebrate with. Healthy treats, BITES contain beneficial ingredients and will keep them healthy, happy and active. Made with all-natural, Gluten-free, easy digestible chews with added functional benefits to see them be their best and cheerful selves. 

  1. Furry’s date with Fresh me up

Why not dedicate a day to furry’s grooming? Fresh me up is an amazing product that is soft and mild on their skin and fur, the best part being it is lick safe. An easy to use, water less, hassle-free foaming shampoo that will fasten the process turning them to a handsome hunk and pretty babe. This will help clean any spec of colour on them without any irritation or burning sensation in their skin.

  1. Teach your kids not to colour any animals:

Be it a kid in the neighbourhood, your own or your relative, remember to teach them not to put colour or water balloon on any animals. Create awareness and educate kids about the harmful effects of colours.

  1. Be cautious and considerate:

Holi can be a very scaring experience, especially for our homeless ones. Please if possible take time and take care of them. Be super cautious about your furry friend inside and outside your homes, make sure you bring no water balloon or colours close to them.

According to Section 11 of Cruelty Against Animal Act, 1960, putting harmful colour, chemicals or paints on animals is an punishable offence. These colours contain a harmful substance that will cause irritation and inhaling can cause respiratory infection. This Holi take a vow to accommodate all our furry friends in the celebration and make it a Happy Holi for them too. 


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