How to Deal with Shedding of Fur and Dander from your Pet?

How to Deal with Shedding of Fur and Dander from your Pet?

How to Deal with Shedding of Fur and Dander from your Pet?

Shedding is a completely natural phenomenon for most pets, including cats and dogs, although it can be frustrating for pet parents. Pictures of husky fur forming a new husky are funny for sure, but cleaning up after shedding can be a serious pain. Shedding is a way in which pets get rid of old hair that has detached and is damaged. Some breeds shed more than others, and this is something a new pet parent should consider before getting a pet. The pet’s diet, weather condition, allergies and other factors also play a role. Some pets are hypoallergenic, meaning they shed less than others, but it is not the fur itself that is an allergen. Shed fur can collect urine, dirt, dander and other materials that can give allergies to anyone around it. 

Some common ways to reduce shedding are as below:

Groom your pet regularly: Make it a habit to groom your pet regularly. The lifecycle of a pet’s hair is shorter than that of humans, and so they start shedding earlier. Groom your pet regularly and usually in the same area of the house so that cleaning becomes easier. 

Vacuum slowly: Going over the surfaces slowly with the vacuum will give it more time to collect the hair. Also, vacuuming often and little is a good trick if you’re short on time.

Choose the right brush: There are several brush types available, and each is suitable for a specific coat type. Some common types include comb brush, bristle brush, wire-pin brush and a slicker brush. Do consult a store before purchasing the brush, as the frequency of brushing will depend on it. 

A healthy diet: This is critical to maintaining a healthy coat. A good diet will keep the follicles strong and elongate the hair life cycle. Several natural dog treats are available that will do the same for you. Along with this, you may want to give your pet supplements with homemade food to make up for lost nutrients. At Pet Natural, we also have Derma Bites that have been formulated specifically for improving coat health. 

Good quality grooming products: Purchase good quality dog shampoo and conditioner to keep the coat shiny and in good health. Dog dandruff shampoos are also available and can prevent dander. 

While these are just a few ways, you can always consult your vet for more solutions. Visit our website to buy dog treats, pet shampoos, pet supplements and more. 

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