How do Supplements Benefit Your Pet?

The proportion of people taking vitamin supplements has been on the rise for a few years. A similar trend has been observed in the case of pet supplements. We want our pets to live a long, healthy and happy life and to make sure that happens, pet supplements are vital. While they in no way substitute a healthy meal, there are plenty of benefits to giving your pet dogs and cats supplements. If your pet is fed good quality store-bought food, then there is usually no need for such things. But, if you’re making your pet’s food at home, these are critical. Store-bought food usually has vitamins premixed in it, but homemade food could lack a lot of them. In such cases, supplements are needed for various reasons like boosting immunity, improving digestion and absorption, improving the coat quality, restoring bone health etc.

At Pet Natural, we offer completely organic pet products, including treats and supplements for various needs of your pet. We have several ‘bites’, some of the best dog treats in India, for the same purpose. Our first offering, Derma bites, helps control hair loss, reduces skin depigmentation and helps in maintaining a healthy shiny coat. It comes in strawberry flavour, making it very palatable for dogs. Digestive Bites, as the name suggests, help in better digestion by improving the secretion of digestive enzymes, reducing bloating and cramps after eating and increasing the appetite of less eating dogs. It comes in chicken liver flavour that dogs usually find very tasty. Immunity Bites come in egg flavour and contain natural ingredients that boost immunity and improve overall well-being. Our Mobility Bites come in a yummy banana flavour. They have been reported by our users as especially helpful in joint pain relief and improvement in flexibility and mobility of their pets. And since the brain is just as important as the body, we also have Smart Bites in chicken flavour that improve cognitive functioning, overcoming anxiety, stress or depression and promote better training of your pets. Lastly, we have Junior Bites for your cute pups. They come in milk flavour, so the puppies just lap it up and help in improving overall growth, from mobility to immunity and cognition. 

All these dog treats and supplements are completely natural and can be delivered to your doorstep with cash on delivery available. The usage instructions and the ingredient list is on the packaging and is also available on our website. Happy treating!

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