7 ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Furry Friend

7 ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Furry Friend

7 ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Furry Friend

Dedicate this Valentine’s Day to celebrate sloppy kisses, morning licks, wagging tales, and drooly faces. The one who never forgets to greet you with a happy face, who makes you laugh at the hardest of times and do things that will be a conversation starter at the party. They make you laugh, cry and sometimes both together. Here are some ways how you can celebrate with them this day of love. 


 A day dedicated to the Furry Child

Remember the last time you took your furry friend to the park? He/She must have been running around wagging their tail and drool dripping smiles. Remember the look on your face when you saw them doing that?  Well , we are sure it must have been one of your most fond memories with your furry buddies. So take them out to play throw, fetch, and tug of war because they love it and live for moments like these. 


Fresh them up

They all love a little wiggle a little waggle. So rub them and scritch scratch them and clean their fur in just about a minute, “Fresh Me Up” is all they need to groom back to the handsome hunk and the Pretty Babe they are. Fresh me up is a hassle-free and purrfect way to get love and spoil them with a beautiful fragrant smell.  So furry is pretty handsome and ready for the perfect Valentine’s Day Date. 


Spoil them with Healthy Treats:

 Who doesn’t love some treats? Treat them with their favourite treats because, why not? Spoil them with love, scrumptious, tasty and yummy treats that will make them and their tummy happy.  Healthy treats, BITES contain beneficial ingredients and will help you keep them healthy, happy and active. Made all-natural, Gluten-free, easy digestible chews with added functional benefits to see them be their best and cheerful selves.


Let them pick their own toy:  

Take them to a pet store and let them wander about and explore the world of toys. They would be jumping in excitement. What do you think? It will be an amazing experience and don’t forget your treat, sloppy kisses and a new game to play with your furry friend.


Pet Massages

Take your furry friend on a great ride and some massage. It sounds like the perfect date. A relaxing spa session immersed in deep muscle-relaxing massages, cause why should we have all the fun? Let them relax and drool while this helps in better circulation and lymphatic flow. A good massage session will help them from any pain recovery.  This is one of the best ways to treat them.  


Arrange a Playdate

If your furry friend enjoys playing with others then call his friends for a fun play date. It will also be a fun time for you to catch up with old friends or make acquaintances. The more the merrier. Make this Valentine’s Day a special day for your furry friend. 


A shopping and photoshoot day

This sounds perfect. A day to pick out cute outfits and dress up. A little dress-up never hurts. This millennial times also call for a gram-worthy photoshoot for the cutest furry friend. Sounds like an ideal and perfect date. 

Make the purrfect Valentine’s Day for your furry friend. The most important thing is to let them know that they are loved and appreciated. 

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