5 Effective Ways To Maintain Your Furry Babies Oral Health At Home

5 Effective Ways To Maintain Your Furry Babies Oral Health At Home

5 Effective Ways To Maintain Your Furry Babies Oral Health At Home

Regular brushing of teeth helps to maintain your pawpy’s oral health. Furry’s are not born with healthy teeth and it does detoriate as they grow in to adulthood. Overlooking their oral health can have an adverse effect on your furry babies toothies.

Dental infections start at an early age from plaque build-up which turns to tartar. The plaque build-up gives way to food and bacteria accumulation that may spread to their bloodstream which leads to periodontal disease. 

Periodontal disease can cause pawpy’s lungs, hearts, and kidneys. It is vital that as pet parents you provide your furry babies with some level of oral hygiene before they suffer its consequences. Here are a few tips to take care of your furry baby’s oral health at home.


Tips to take care of your pawpy’s oral health at home:

Brush your poochie’s teeth often:

It is best if you get your furry baby a 45 degree double-headed canine toothbrush that allows you to clean below the gumline. It is best when you do it after your furry baby is back after a strenuous exercise as he is likely to sit still at that time. It is best if you don’t overdo it the first few times as it may irritate them. Don’t forget to treat your furry baby with yummy treats like BITES after they are done brushing.


Use Tooth wipes:

For those who are unable to wash their furry buddies teeth they can switch up their cleaning method by using wipes. Dental wipes are a great way to maintain your furry’s dental health. They work similarly like a toothbrush.Use the dog wipes around your furry babies teeth and it can easily remove plaques. However, they do not clean all nooks and crannies of their mouth and they will need an intensive cleaning every once in a while.


Dry and Crunchy Food is better than soft food:

It is best to give your pawpy crunchy and nutrition-rich food like BITES that are rich in calcium content and will ensure your pawpy’s teeth are healthy. Soft and mushy food is likely to stick to their teeth and decay that leads to plaque build-up.


Chew toys and Chew bones to clean their teeth:

There are multiple chew toys and bones available in the market that are specifically designed to strengthen your pawpy’s teeth and gums Giving your furry baby a good bone can help get rid of the build-up and keep their teeth strong.


Routine Dental Checks:

Despite all the efforts of a pet parent and regular brushing it is not possible to clean your furry baby's mouth as well as a professional can. It is a good idea to have a vet perform routine dental checks to clean their gum line, clear the plaque and tartar build-up every six months or so.


Get started early with your furry baby:

It is best if you start taking care of your pawpy’s oral health at an early age as they become grown-up they are used to the sensation of brushing and are comfortable with it. As a pet parent, this task will not be as daunting for you and your pawpy will have squeaky clean teeth from his childhood. 


To Wrap it Up

By maintaining a regular oral cleaning habit and getting your furry baby’s tooth professionally cleaned every once in a while will help reduce their chances to contract oral diseases like periodontal and gingivitis. Show your pawpy some love and ensure that their teeth and gums are regularly clean.

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