10 Tips to Take Care of Your Pooch During Winters

10 Tips to Take Care of Your Pooch During Winters

10 Tips to Take Care of Your Pooch During Winters

10 Tips to Take Care of Your Pooch During Winters

The harsh winters are here and your poochie will now need extra love and care. In many parts of the world, the mercury drops beyond freezing point and the chill in the air becomes unbearable. The time between December to February is excruciating cold so you must keep in mind your fur baby’s safety and comfort during these months.

It’s the time to cozy up in a fuzzy blanket with your fur baby and watch some movies with your pooch. Please do not live with the misconception that just because your poochie has a fur coat they can deal with the winter better than humans. So here are 10 winter care tips to keep your fur-coated poochie safe this winter:

Wildlife, Cats, Cars:

Wildlife, Cats, Cars

Warm engines in the parked cars can lure cats and other small wildlife for the warmth. They usually crawl under the hood or snuggle under the car to avoid any injury of the animals you must keep in mind to bang the car before you start your engine.

Wrap them up in warm woolens:

 Wrap them up in warm woolens:

These days it is easy to find warm sweaters or jackets for our fur babies in the pet supplies shop, however; you can always make them wear your old clothes and they will serve just fine in keeping them warm. Please keep in mind that winters are equally harsh on poochies on the street, please spare a few warm clothes or bedding if it is possible.

Keep heaters out of reach:

Keep heaters out of reach:

Please make sure you place your heaters away from your fur baby’s reach. Allowing your fur baby very close to the hot radiator in the heaters can easily burn your pooch.

Cozy bedding:

Cozy bedding

Beds and mattresses are available in multiple shapes and sizes for your pooch. In the harsh winters allowing your fur baby to sleep on the floor can have an adverse effect on their health. Place the bedding or the mattress on a warm area preferably a carpet area in the place where he usually sleeps and see your pooch comfortably snuggle and snore on his bed.

Snacking and Drinking through Winter:

Snacking and Drinking through Winter

It is very important to stay hydrated and feeling full during the winter months as in winters there energy depletes easily. The depletion in energy causes them to slow down and be lazy, in worse cases it may also cause health issues. You must routinely check their water dishes and regularly change the water, replenish the cold water with room temperature water every 2-3 hours. Give them healthy treats that they love, winter is all about the holiday season, and who doesn’t like some yummy, tasty, and healthy treats such as Bites as a snack.

Get a health Checkup in winters:

Get a health Checkup in winters:

Poochies with arthritis may face many problems during the winter months. It is crucial that you take extra care of their exercise and set your regimes accordingly. It is also recommended that you visit the veterinarian for medications and health supplements to help your pooch relieve the pain. Orthoron is an effective pain aggravator that is commonly suggested by vets to help relieve poochies from their joint pains.

Grooming is a must:

Grooming is a must

To keep your pooch properly insulated keep their fur well-groomed and clean. If you and your fur baby love to spend time outdoors it is crucial that you keep a thick layer of their fur as it helps them stay warm. Dry your pooch thoroughly after a bath so they do not catch a cold. If you live in a place with harsh winters, Fresh Me Up is a dry, mild shampoo that will help your poochie’s fur remain squeaky clean without any hassle.

Paw Care is Important:

Paw Care is Important

Fur babies suffer from cracked pads during the winter months. If your pooch has furry legs then trim the fur that grows between the pads to avoid ice build-up Winter salts around the sidewalks may burn your fur baby’s pads and is toxic so rinse and wipe his paws after every walk.

Limit Outdoor time during winter months:

Limit Outdoor time during winter months

Winters are harsh and even though your poochie may love the outdoors sometimes, even the furriest pooch may catch a cold. Ears, paws, and tails are susceptible to frostbite and as a pet parent, you must not allow your pooch to stay out for longer periods.

Go out when the sun is out and bright:

Go out when the sun is out and bright

During winters late in the morning or early afternoons sounds the perfect time for you and your pooch to be out and about for a walk. Sunshine brings added benefits and an abundant supply of Vitamin D for both you and your pooch. Play fetch and other games and bask in the sun, it sounds like the perfect day out!

Harsh winters bring in a wide variety of concerns and responsibilities for pet parents. Numbing wetness, bitter cold, and binding winds can cause discomfort to your pooch. So pay attention to the care tips and make sure you and your fur baby enjoy the season to the fullest.

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