Natural Remedies is India's leading herbal healthcare company engaged in manufacturing and marketing natural healthcare products. Natural Remedies built a remarkable track record in integrating the sacred knowledge of Ayurveda with the cutting edge scientific technologies thereby delivering well evaluated and consistently genuine products to meet the emerging challenges from human healthcare and veterinary healthcare sector in India and abroad.


  • Quick and Convenient
  • Cleans and refreshes fur coat
  • Absorbs Dirt and Excess Oil
  • Removes dead hair from coat
  • Deodorizes and leaves coat soft & shiny


1Formulated to be sprinkled and rubbed directly into your pets coat that helps it to absorb excess oil, dirt and grease

2Rehydrating formula moisturizes the skin and cuts down shedding of hair.

3Citrus fragrance removes bad odor, makes him smell fresh.

4Mild and gentle, causes no irritation to the skin.

Why Dry Shampoo?

  • More convenient for the pet owner
  • More healthy for dog's skin and coat
  • Results in softer and shiny skin
  • Frequency of wet washes decreases
  • Refreshes naturally without a drop of water