LUSH ME UP - Anti Hairfall Shampoo For Dog & Cat

Rs. 350.00

Mild Anti Hairfall Shampoo

A Mild Natural, Hypoallergenic Anti Hairfall Shampoo. It has a mild feeling on the skin and coat which makes it favourable for the pets and in turn for pet parents. It is meant for dogs, cats and pups of all breeds.

All Natural and safe

No Chemical Dyes or Scents

For Cats and Dogs
Pet and Pet-Parent Friendly
Active Formula

Gentle and Mild Formulation
100% Hypoallergenic + SLES and Paraben Free
Visible Hair fall, Reduction in just 4 Washes
Directions of use: 

           Squeeze Required Quantity of Lush Me Up in palm

Apply to the Coat and Properly Massage
    Wash the Coat with Fresh Water
Towel Dry after Bath