Splish Splash: Monsoon Pet Care Tips

Splish Splash: Monsoon Pet Care Tips

Splish Splash: Monsoon Pet Care Tips

Though monsoon is at its tail end, we and our pets face many unseasonal showers through the year. These sudden weather changes cause various health issues among our pets. Here are some key tips to keep your furries happy and healthy through the rains. 

Skin allergies - Pets love to play in the rain, jump into puddles, hide in bushes and play in the mud. But all this fun can lead to allergies as they come in contact with lots of allergens- plants and grass, insects, and other chemicals in the rainwater. Regular contact of paws, mouth, belly- areas with these can develop a rash and itching. Cover their body and paws while taking them for a walk. Use a good dog shampoo or a dry dog shampoo to clean them after a walk. If symptoms increase or spread, visiting a vet is a must. 

Skin Infections - Monsoons means wet paws and wet coat which leads to bacterial and fungal skin infections and rashes. During this season care should be taken to use natural pet products, completely dry off the pet after bath, and clean and dry the paws and coat after every walk. Using a dry dog shampoo also helps as a daily bath is not recommended. 

Ticks & Fleas - Many pets suffer from ticks and fleas around this season. These cause  severe irritation, lead to nasty rashes and transmit some serious diseases like tick fever. In cats, fleas bites can cause allergic reactions as well. Regular grooming with natural pet products should be a part of your pet’s daily routine. Regular tick and flea treatment is also recommended. Many times, ticks and fleas hide in dark and humid corners of the house, in wooden furniture, bedding etc. So, your home should also be cleaned and treated to eliminate hiding ticks and fleas.

Digestive issues- Some pets have a habit of drinking stagnant rainwater. Contaminated rainwater can cause bacterial and viral infections, which result in severe diarrhoea, vomiting and other gastric disturbances. Ensuring your pet's diet is nutritious and full of natural pet products helps. In some cases, your pets may pick up serious infections like Leptospirosis, which can affect humans too. Leptospirosis can be prevented by vaccination, so keeping your pet’s vaccination up to date is very important. Also, regular deworming with your vet’s advice is a must.

And lastly, during heavy rains, stray animals come to seek shelter in our houses. Let’s be kind and provide them food, water and bedding, so they can also stay safe and protected. Pampering them to some pet supplements and natural pet products is a bonus. 


  • Even though the monsoon is almost over, we and our dogs must endure numerous unseasonal downpours all year long. Numerous health problems affect our pets as a result of these abrupt weather changes. You can find some essential pointers at PetCareRx for keeping your pets healthy and happy during the rainy season.

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