Food Items That Arthritic Dogs Should Avoid

Food Items That Arthritic Dogs Should Avoid

Food Items That Arthritic Dogs Should Avoid

Food Items That Arthritic Dogs Should Avoid

Arthritis in dogs can be due to many external factors that we aren’t aware of. You may notice that your dog enjoys playing more in warmer, drier weather, or that they are more friskier after taking joint supplements for a few months. Diet plays an important role when it comes to contributing to arthritis in dogs. Obesity is one of the most common reasons that causes additional stress on the joints and there are certain foods that may help control arthritic flare-ups. Additionally, certain foods can elevate or decrease inflammation levels, which can indirectly alter the arthritic pain levels. By monitoring your dog’s diet and banishing certain foods, they may be able to live a more comfortable and a happy life.

Here are 4 foods to avoid if your pooch has arthritis:

1. Grains


If your dog has arthritis, looking into grain-free food can be a wise choice to make. Many processed commercial dog foods are bound to contain grains such as wheat, rice and soy which can cause a spike in your dog’s blood sugar levels and result in painful swelling. Curbing the grains in your dog’s diet can decrease their inflammation.

2. Corn


Corn contains a high proportion of carbohydrate content and while it acts as a quick source of energy, it can cause a sensitivity that results in joint inflammation in some dogs. You would probably not see an instant destructive reaction upon your dog consuming it, but it could gradually intensify your dog’s inflammation over time.

3. Omega-6 Fatty Acids

 Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats that are required by your dog’s body. The omega-3 fatty acids are considered good as they can have an anti-inflammatory effect on your furry’s body. The Omega-6s is the bad and the ugly one!

Omega-6s fatty acids are part of a normal dog’s diet and are often found in meat and poultry, but should be limited in the case of arthritic dogs. Here’s why its considered bad for pooches joints!

The excess omega-6s in the form of linoleic acid in your dog’s body is converted into “arachidonic acid”, which is highly responsible for the inflammation in their joints.

4. Added Salts, Sugars, and Artificial Additives

 Added Salts, Sugars, and Artificial Additives

A basic notion that is believed is, the more processed any food is, the more likely it is a factor causing the inflammation, so it’s important to carefully choose food that contains no added salts, sugars, or artificial additives for your pooches. When picking any food for your arthritic dog, be sure to read the label carefully and mindfully in order to avoid feeding your pet with these toxic additives.

It's absolutely not a good feeling watching your dog struggle as they get older. But arthritis, hip conditions, and general joint pain are extremely common conditions in senior pooches.


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