Five Must-Dos for when you take your pet to the vet

Five Must-Dos for when you take your pet to the vet

Five Must-Dos for when you take your pet to the vet

Your Pet’s Visit to the Vet: 5 Things to Do

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Can a visit to the vet be a fun day out for your pet? In most cases, perhaps not. This is because just like us humans, pets too don’t like to hear about anything that’s wrong with them, or stress themselves out thinking that there might be. In the last post, we discussed the signs of stress in your cats and dogs. It’s important to notice these signs as they may aggravate during trips to the vet. Here are five things including natural treats, pet accessories and precautions that can make your pet’s visit to the vet more comfortable and stress-free.

  1. On your way to the clinic, make sure your pet is comfortable and calm. You can carry dog toys, treats or other pet accessories like a blanket for your furry friend to be worry-free.
  2. Carry the medical file of your pet, including vaccination and deworming records. Also keep your pet’s anti-rabies vaccination up to date. It is very important for the safety of your pet, as well as others.
  3. Always make a prior appointment with your vet to avoid crowding at the clinic. Make sure the dog collar is secured with a leash at all times. If you have a puppy or a cat, keep them in a pet carrier that’s sturdy and escape-proof.
  4. Keep a close eye on your pet in the waiting room. If you have a young pup or a kitten, it’s best to keep them away from other pets. Even if your pet is not aggressive, it’s a good idea to keep a muzzle handy.
  5. Lastly, get yourself trained in handling and restraining your pet. It’s very useful during minor procedures and is also a huge help for the vet!

If a visit to the vet is painful and uncomfortable, it’s natural that your pet will associate negative emotions with it and end up even more stressed for follow-up visits. So how about some positive reinforcement with natural treats like Pet Natural Remedies’ Bites! Or perhaps some fun grooming pet accessories like Fresh Me Up! Use them during ‘doctor days’ and make the visit to the vet, a fun day out for your pets!

Keywords: natural treats, pet accessories, dog toys

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