5 reasons why your dog is your best quarantine buddy:

5 reasons why your dog is your best quarantine buddy:

5 reasons why your dog is your best quarantine buddy:

Ever since the lockdown came into place, that one person who is happier than all the introverts out there, has to be our furries, for them it means they get to stay with their favourite hoomans all day long. And honestly, if it weren’t for them, chances are we’d have already gone crazy by this time.

Pets have a way with humans that no one else does. They bring out the best side of you, making you forget about all your sorrows and teach you the two most important lessons in life - one that love is always unconditional and second, that naps after lunch are very important 😊.

Here are 5 reasons why your pooch is probably your best quarantine buddy :

1). They are good entertainers and your happy pill:

The one thing that still makes us laugh or puts a broad smile across our face is our dog. With their dippy antics of sometimes running away with your laundry in the mouth to making you want to keep petting them as they make their puppy dog faces, dogs are happiness.

2). They are the best sleeping buddies:

Have you ever noticed your dog running around for a bit and then choosing a comfortable cosy spot to nap in because they’ve outrun that energy in them for the moment? That’s precisely how much they love taking naps and sometimes are the sole reason for our exceeded sleeping hours.

3). They keep you active:

In a time, when getting out of bed in itself deserves an Oscar, to have a reason to not just crawl out of the bed but also to take your dog out for a walk or a run, or even to the balcony for some fresh air and poopy business can account for keeping you active.

4). They are good listeners:

Dogs can be very good listeners and are very patient. You might completely disagree if 9 times out of 10 your dog might not listen to you or any of your commands. They can't laugh or judge someone, they won't even interrupt, they're just there to listen to you.

5). They make for great in-home selfie partners:

As pet lovers, sometimes you just want to grab a shot of you with your good looking mug and your pooches and share it with your social distancing relatives. And what’s more beautiful than to watch your furry pose with you for that perfect looking picture while you’re at the comfort of your home. Make the best out of this quarantine period with your furries to show them that no one can ever replace them because best friends leave paw prints on our hearts throughout once in a lifetime.

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