5 effective ways to lovingly train your furry buddy

5 effective ways to lovingly train your furry buddy

5 effective ways to lovingly train your furry buddy

Everyone’s heart melts when they see a cute fluffy with an adorable poochie face,  delicate paw pads, and soft fur but as a pet parent, you have to be prepared about how you are going to raise your furry baby. Once you bring your furry pal at home, you need to teach them different things at different stages in life so they grow up to be good boys and girls when they grow up. You must interact with your furry babies more.

They are a man’s best friend and are super adorable, however, they do have some irksome tendencies that many people might not like jumping the moment people walk in the door, or pooping anywhere they are comfortable. So to make the most out of your relationship with your paw pal you have to teach them a few skills that will help both of you live harmoniously together. Learning how to train your furry baby will enhance the bond you share, ensure their safety, and it can be a whole lot of fun. 

Remember that your furry pal is an eager learner and the key to success is good communication. So here are 5 effective ways to lovingly train your paw pal:

  1. Socialize with your Furry Baby:

As a pet parent, your first and foremost duty is to ensure that your furry baby feels at home and comfortable wherever they are. Teach them that the world is full of adventure and an exciting place to live in.  Introduce your furry poochie to as many social gatherings, fellow paw pals as to make them familiar with different kinds of interactions and circumstances. Up to 14 weeks of age, your paw pal is very vulnerable to experiences after which they become cautious and afraid. It is crucial to socialize with your paw pal to avoid behavioural problems in the future.

  1. Potty Train your Paw Pal:

Potty Training is extremely crucial and as a pet parent you must show them where they are expected to eliminate. You have to be consistent and make sure your furry baby is not excreting anywhere else other than the place desired. It does require a lot of patience and will finally understand what you are trying to accomplish. You may give them a treat in the initial stage as a reward for going to the place you desired.

  1. Set Up a Private Den:

Your paw pal needs his own space. It is recommended to give them a sleeping space of their own as early as possible. It is crucial so your furry buddy benefits from the short period spent in the safety and comfort of their space. It is also a valuable tool for house training. Be sure to treat your furry baby with some yummy and healthy treats such as BITES if they remain quiet and peaceful in their den.

  1. Decide on House Rules:

Even before your furry baby comes home decide on what they can and cannot do at home. Which parts of the house are off-limits and where are they going to have all the fun? Determined rules help avoid confusion for both of you.


  1. Always Reward for good Behaviour:

 It is crucial to reward your furry pals’ good behaviour with positive reinforcement. Let them know they are doing right with treats like BITES from Pet Natural Remedies and never ever reward bad behaviour as it will confuse them. BITES is available in different flavours that work towards meeting various health goals. A perfect treat where yumminess meets healthy. 


  1. Bonus Tip: Always end training sessions on Positive Notes:

Your paw pal has worked hard to please you throughout the training session. Leave them with some loving pets, treat, and praises, or five minutes of play. This guarantees that they will show up for the next class with enthusiasm and a wagging tail.

There are a number of options for training your furry baby, we hope these tips have helped. Paw pals live in the moment so when your furry baby is doing something naughty use your chosen technique right away so they can make an association between the correction and their behaviour.

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