Shop Best healthy dog treats & chews online india

What dog doesn't like treats and being treated? But instead of giving your dog a generic, made-for-all treat, would it not be better to give it a treat for a specific concern or as per its age? At Pet Natural Remedy, we offer a variety of healthy treats for dogs that are concern-specific and completely natural.

We are a brand of completely natural and organic pet supply products and also one of India's leading animal herbal healthcare companies. Since our inception, we have believed in the power of nature to cure and nurture, not only humans but also our animal friends. The onset of COVID has made us more health-oriented than ever before and this applies equally to pet parents who are looking for natural and organic solutions to pet requirements, Our 'All Natural & Safe' line of products, designed specifically for dogs, pups, cats, and kittens, is a completely natural, all-safe line whose products have been tested in various stages, not only for side effects but also for efficacy and parent-friendly use. Our dog treats, available on our website, are a part of this.

These are some of the safest and best dog treats in India, available for ordering from the comfort of your home at affordable prices. Finding dog treats online is no longer a struggle as we bring to you treats and combos for various purposes and ages, all available here. We have over 50 years of experience and R&D behind our products, so you can be sure that when you buy from us, you're buying the best dog treats in India.

Some of our offerings include smart bites, a unique, first of its kind healthy dog treat meant for training and development of your pet; junior bites, a puppy growth treat that is grain and gluten-free; derma bites, meant exclusively for the healthy skin of dogs and pups of all breeds. You can also buy dog chews like digestive bites, mobility bites, and other combos of these treats on our website. When you shop for dog chews online on our website, you can also see the ingredients that go into making them, the suitability of these treats, benefits, and other vital information. Apart from this, we also have an instructional video purely about bites.

All our dog treats are grain-free and made from natural ingredients. You also don't have to struggle to buy dog chews for specific concerns like itch relief or immunity, as we offer all those and more. Looking to buy treats for puppies? We offer small packs and combos. Can't find organic treats? We're a company built to provide only natural and organic products. And while you're at it, also check out our range of shampoo and cleansers, all mild yet effective, made and tested intensely by over 40 scientists at our research facility.