Common Causes Of Weakness In Furry and Feline Buddies

Weakness and lethargy are common symptoms but if your furry baby feels weak often and finds it difficult to be on their feet, move unsteadily or slowly it may be because he is suffering internally. If your poochies seem dull, or are unable to enjoy their daily routine, or do not respond to your call it is maybe because they are suffering from weakness. However, weakness can be intermittent or constant.

Lethargy, sluggishness, or tiredness may sometimes be because of the weather. Perhaps your pooches are too tired to go out for a walk or it is too hot outside. Sometimes tiredness leads to them failing to enjoy what used to be the highlight of their day- like morning and evening walks with you.  Weakness may be caused due to various reasons and can involve different health issues in their body. Lethargy, weakness, tiredness is a common sign of illness and are rather vague. 


The most common causes why your poochie is weak and tired are as follows: 

* Infection, including distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, and kennel cough

* Unhealthy Metabolism

* Heart problems

* Liver problems

* Dehydration

* Diabetes, and hypoglycemia

* Anemia, which is often caused by parasites such as a flea infection or intestinal parasite

* Food Poisoning caused due to the consumption of toxic foods, such as onions or garlic

* Pain, diarrhea, tumors

* Hypothyroidism 

* Mental Trauma


How do you know your furry is weak? 

When you notice your furry is showing the following symptoms know that something is wrong with your furry baby: 

* Reluctant to play or move

* They do not respond to you

* Low body temperature 

* Dry muzzle, dry eyes, rough fur

* Muscle tremors

* If they collapse


What are the common symptoms of weakness in feline buddies?

Feline buddies show different symptoms when they are feeling lethargic and weak. 

* They lack response to the surroundings,

* General Inactivity

* Have an irregular and abnormal sleep cycle

* They avoid grooming themselves


Wondering how you can help your poochie baby restore their energy?

If you have a poochie baby who is not himself and is always feeling lethargic and weak you all need is a dose of Natlife it supports their gastrointestinal health and immune system, it has antioxidants that reduce inflammation and aids in flushing out toxins present in the body. Natlife is proven to be a natural appetite booster which enhances their energy levels helping them restore their energy and get back to normal. 


Why Natlife? 


Unlike humans, our pooch buddies have an increase in their maintenance energy requirement as they age and see a deterioration in protein and fat digestion which may lead to many diseases. They deal with oxidative stress that declines their quality of life leading them to become weak. Natlife is a one-stop solution to stop this wreck initially. To know more here are a few advantages that Natlife offers: 

* Natlife is a natural supplement that helps improve energy levels in furry babies and does not contain artificial glucose. 

* It stimulates appetite and improves liver function

* Enhances the immune system

* Enhances natural defence in your poochies

* Reduces stress and anxiety

* It is highly palatable

* As a pet parent, you are aware that administering medicine to your poochie may be a task, this offers an easy administration and can be mixed with food or drinking water.


In short

We understand that as a pet parent you may go through a lot of stress when you see your poochie behaving unlike himself. However, Natlife is an effective formula that ensures that your poochie restores their lost energy and get back to their happy selves soon! 

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