Introducing all new range of Pet Health Care Products in India
Introducing all new range of Pet Health Care Products in India Pet Natural Remedies

Dog Treats That Are Good For Your Pet and The Planet

Nature is the Way of Life in Holistic Pet Care

Nature and Her Healing Power Since the Day of Creation

Right from the first day of the creation of our living planet, mother nature is always present with her biggest gift to heal every living being in distress. Like every human, the pet's body has an innate ability to heal on its own. Nature and natural pet remedies always work with, and not against, the body's own natural processes.

Veterinary’s Take on Nature’s Healing Power

Veterinary doctors across the globe agree that all natural pet remedies using local plants and herbs can cure lethal diseases and the usage of the same is prevalent 
across the world. In India, veterinary researchers have identified more than 50 different plants and herbs to act as natural pet remedies. These are effective and safe in curing ailments like Fractures, Cuts and Tears, Redness and Itching and bites.

Natural Pet Remedies in Holistic Pet Care: A Few Tips

Extensive research has already shown the benefits of all natural herbs and products like Aloe Vera, Calendula flowers, Ginger and unrefined Sea salt produce amazing results on your doggy. Aloe Vera can be applied to treat minor burns, scrapes and skin irritation. Calendula flowers give the Midas touch in healing the wounds of your cats and puppies in addition to curing inflammation and fungal infections. The delicious ginger herbs can be made into a tincture that can settle your fury's unsettled stomach within no time.

Similarly, unrefined sea salt containing the mineral zinc is a wonder drug to your cats and dogs. The enzymes and electrolytes present in the salt add immunity to their body system and helps in rapid wound healing, improves adrenal health and regulates the body fluids. All these natural herbs and minerals are used in Natural Products are always beneficial and absolutely safe to apply.

Miracle Medicines – Barefoot Outdoors Everyday

Unfiltered natural light, fresh air and direct barefoot exposure to grass are the greatest healing aids to the dogs and you must take your loving doggy to the nearest  community park twice in a day. Best part it does not cost a penny but can decrease inflammation and enhances blood circulation and accelerate the healing process naturally.

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Importance of Functional Treats

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