Introducing all new range of Pet Health Care Products in India
Introducing all new range of Pet Health Care Products in India Pet Natural Remedies

Dog Treats That Are Good For Your Pet and The Planet

Importance of Functional Treats

The Role of a Treat in your Furry Buddy's Life

“When are you taking me out for a treat?”
“ Treat yourself to lip-smacking delicacies”
“Now you deserve a treat!”

The word “treat” is phenomenal. It is used in language to boost the morale in humans and could act as a great motivator. Why should it be any different for your furry friends?

The only different aspect would be that the role treats play in your pawed pals lives is slightly different compared to humans. They act as a useful training tool to enforce good behavior. Treats play a vital role, but one must be careful as to what kind of treats and how often they are given to your dogs and pups
What is a functional treat?

Functional treats are healthier versions of normal treats, where they are given to enhance a “function” in your pet. Functions could be any aspect of your furry buddy’s health- agility, joints, skin etc. Therefore functional treats are specific and improve a particular aspect in your pal!

Why choose functional treats?

What is the difference? Most of the normal treats are either gluten based, contain rawhide, which could be potentially harmful, contain artificial taste enhancer & flavours or are made of by products as their main ingredients. Apart from being harmful, they may cause permanent physical issues such as obesity and permanent attitude changes such as laziness in your furry pals! Rather than giving normal treats why not give them functional treats that are not only fun but also come with added health benefits. They promote better skin, digestion and overall health in your furry buddies life.
Moreover, it is also important to note that different kinds of treats are required for canines and felines. The psyche, nature and thinking process is completely different for cats and dogs, and therefore their treats have to be different.

What we at Pet Natural Remedies Offer

At Natural Remedies we offer a plethora of functional treats that are All Natural and Safe, made of human grade ingredients and is highly palatable realizing the phrase “yummy in your tummy”. The range of functional treats helps enhance functionalities like obedience, behavior, joints, skin & coat, overall health and many other aspects of your pet buddy’s life.They are suitable for Dogs and Pups of all breeds. Take a look at our portfolio and let us know what you think!

After reading this, most of you would not be able to help but agree- “You are what you eat, but you are also what you treat!”

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