Home Care Remedies For Wounds For Pets


Wounds usually appear in a dog's skin owing to the cuts by accident, insect or dog bites, tears, burns, breaks, or any other type of damage to living tissue. Depending upon the specific nature of wounds, they are classified as clean, contaminated or infected ( caused by bacterial infections). 

Wound Care at Home

Whenever you spot a wound in your dog's body, never take it casually. A simple underlying injury ( if not treated in time) may lead to acute bacterial infection may choose the shelter there, and the decaying process starts resulting in the death of the loving pet. You, as a pet parent, should have a basic knowledge of first aid in wound care. Primary home care includes cleaning the wound gently with hydrogen peroxide moistened cotton a few times a day followed by good antibiotic ointment to the wound area. 


How Can Wounds Be Treated

Clean The Wound Area 

Wash the wound and surrounding area gently with lukewarm water and use electric clippers to shave the hair around the wound. Wipe and clean the wound area again with water and make sure the visible debris is removed and then dry up the wound area with a clean tissue paper. You may use a non-stinging antiseptic solution because it kills the bacteria and yeast commonly associated with skin infections in dogs. 


Cleaning The Wound Area – Take The Natural Route

* Clean the cuts or wound area with skin-soothing herbal teas or with an herb-vinegar rinse.

* Apply skin-healing hydrosols, essential oil blends or other topical products that stimulate cell growth,  fight infection, and speed up the repair process 

* Keep giving your dog enzymes and other natural healing supplements every day that helps to heal the  wounds from deep inside. 


Apply Topciure Pet™– An All-Natural Wound Healing Spray For Pets

Topciure Petis a first of its kind pet-friendly, and all-natural wound healing Spray from “ 
Natural Remedies’ – A leading company from Bangalore manufacturing the best Pet Care Products in India 
It's lick safe property, which makes it convenient to use over a long period. It never makes any 
sound while applying the spray, which makes it very pet-friendly and hassle-free for the pet 
parents as well.


Topciure Pet™- Features & Benefits

Topciure Pet is an all natural, safe and laboratory tested wound healing spray for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages. It is a gasless and soundless healing solution that doesn't scare the pet away with its hissing sound, thus making it a pet and pet parent friendly product. Only extracted from natural herbs Topciure Pet is completely lick - safe and natural.


Application Of Topciure Pet™ In All Types Of Wounds

* Quiescent Wounds

* Cuts & Tears

* Regular Simple Wounds

* Chronic Wounds

* Infected Wounds

* Pressure Wounds

* Degloving Injury

* Bites

* Wounds

The natural options of wound treatment with all-natural Topciure Pet™ are always better for your dog as it does not have any side effect and the wound affected area also heals faster.

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